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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Welcome to SYCTRENDS

Hello!!!,  wonderful people.  First of all we the SYC-TEAM are saying... Welcome to all our viewers and readers. 
We really don't have much to Say right now because we have a lot for you. 
This platform is created for you,  i mean each and everyone one of you out there. We will devote all our time here to give you all the accompaniments of life.

You are the vibe here.
We are here for all of us. 

Here is a little article about us

Smile while you can, AKA SYC, started it's very foundation from a facebook group, three years ago, with group name 'Smile while you can', the group is like a small but exciting village, with lots of fun and events, making people smile through pictures, rants, jokes, videos, giveaways and much more, it's a very interactive group, consisting of people with great visions, that supports the aim of the group, which is to put smile on people's face, it has rules against lots of things, that could trigger someone's anger, in as much, sarcasm is the order of the day in the group. 
      Smile while you can also, has an instagram page, '@ Sycofficial', follow us up, and get trending jokes, and sarcastic posts,  you will not find it boring even for a second, we are born to keep you!!!!  Entertained, our memes are superb and ribs cracking. 
     Our facebook page, 'smile while you can', LIKE IT, to get trending news, entertainment, lifestyle, and nature. Get to watch funny videos, and lots more, our aim as always is to make sure you got a lit face. No time to dull, no time to waste time!!!!! You can't just get enough, you would only want to sign in and log in every minute of the day!!

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