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Saturday, September 8, 2018

4 Ways You Can Keep Your White Outfit Looking White.

One of the hardest things about white clothing is their management and maintenance. 
If you do not take extra care in handling them, they can go from their original colour to brown in no time. 

So i want to quickly share some tips i have found helpful in maintaining the whiteness of white fabric overtime. 


Because of laziness, we sometimes, pack different colours of clothing in the same bowl or machine as our white ones, especially if they aren't that far away from white. However no matter how light or close to being white that other colour appears, it still has the potential to discolour your white clothing, so washing them separately is the way to go. 


Growing up, I always thought that the more detergent i add to my whites, the cleaner they would get. However, over time, I learned that adding too much detergent to white clothing can actually stop it from being clean enough. 
It's also very important to rinse off the detergent before drying. 


There are machines that help you dry your clothing, but if you're talking about white coloured ones, then the sun is your best bet. The sun naturally dries stuff, and whitens too. If you doubt this, try leaving a coloured cloth out in it for long. The sun also has the capacity to remove the smell of detergent and bleach from your clothing, which is something you may not get from your washing or drying machine. 


Some of us are in the habit of not wanting to leave clothing out in the sun or open for long — either because you don't want it to get lost or you just don't want it to lose it's colour to the sun. This is not a bad measure for coloured clothing, but if you're talking whites, then, it's actually better to leave them under the sun for long because the longer they're out in the sun, the drier and whiter they are. 

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