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Thursday, September 6, 2018

5 Stylish Ways To Wear White Sneakers

It's Worth Investing In A Pair You'll Love Forever 

We are delighted that white sneakers are so on trend at the moment. Not only are they comfortable, they also go with virtually everything. 

Here's some inspiration on how to wear them right, Right now. 

1. Casual Day-to-night look 
This is the perfect everyday look that says 'i made an effort, (even if you did) 
Pair your sneakers with your favorite jeans, a fresh T-shirt and a leather jacket. 
This look is good for both day and night-time wear. 

2. Maxi Madness 
White sneakers and a maxi skirt or maxidress are perfect for a day out or in the office. There's no need to always stick to the norm by pairing your maxi dress with sandals. 

3. Workwear With An Edge
If you're a formal dresser but need a chic edge, add a pair of sneakers to your tailored suit and you're good to go. 
Just make sure they're sparky clean and unscuffed. 

4. Checky With Shorts 
Shorts are a weekend staple, and white sneakers should be too. And pack for long days spent sightseeing.

5. Active Wear Style Boost 
When you're just leaving the gym but still have a million errands to run before you can head home, your white sneakers are cool enough to keep you looking trendy all day. 

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