Friday, September 7, 2018


DESPITE suffering from an extremely rare ageing condition, self-confessed “diva” and YouTube star Adalia Rose has racked up more than 170 MILLION views for her bubbly personality and inspiring content.

The 11-year-old internet sensation was diagnosed with Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome (a genetic condition which affects less than 500 children around the world) as a baby… but has not let it stop her from documenting her fun-filled life online.

11-year-old internet sensation Adalia Rose has rose to fame for her fun and inspiring YouTube videos

Famous for her beauty tutorials and vlogs, the American pre-teen often shares her day-to-day experience with the rare condition with her 1.5 million YouTube subscribers.

Along with rapid premature ageing, Adalia has also suffered from hair loss, lack of body fat, prominent veins, a high pitched voice and severe stiffness in her joints.

First diagnosed at just three months old, Adalia’s mother Natalia Pallante, 29, said doctors first noticed something was wrong within the first four weeks of the little girl’s life.

Concerned about Adalia’s lack of “growth”, the then single mum also recalls how the “skin on her tummy was really tight and just different looking.”

Adalia was first diagnosed with Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome when she was just three months old

Symptoms of the extremely rare genetic condition include hair loss, lack of body fat, a high pitched voice and stiff joints

Two months later, Natalia was left devastated by the life-changing diagnosis and remembers how “it was just her and I and I honestly felt lost.”

It was also around this time that Adalia “started losing her hair and her little veins started showing up more and her skin started thinning out a lot more.”

Symptoms of Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria

Rapid ageing

Hair loss

High pitched voice

Stiff joints and abnormalities

Prominent eyes

Thin nose with beaked tip

Thin lips and small chin

Protuding ears

Difficulty putting on weight

Sufferers of this extremely rare condition (caused by a abnormal gene protein) are also at an increased risk of dwarfism.

However in the 11 years since that life-changing moment, Adalia and her family (who are based in Texas) instead choose to live “day by day” and don’t discuss the condition’s 13 year life expectancy.

Adalia lives with her parents and three younger brothers in Texas

Adalia’s mother Natalia often films YouTube videos with her daughter… including this video ‘5 Hacks to turn your frown UPSIDE DOWN!’

Now an older sister to three little brothers, Adalia styles out her lack of natural hair with her signature colourful wigs.

And like any other social media obsessed pre-teen, Adalia and her mother first created her channel in 2012 for “giggles”… and have been amazed by the response they’re received.

Adalia is famous for her colourful wigs and beauty tutorials

From colourful make-up looks to videos showcasing her singing, Adalia has acquired a devoted fanbase of 1.5 million subscribers who are always telling her that she is “so cute” and “so beautiful”.

What’s more, Adalia’s channel has racked up over 170 MILLION views in the past six years with her most popular videos being her dance routines and make-up tutorials with her mum.

The 11-year-old girl has a passion for make-up and included a slick of lip gloss as one of her ‘happiness hacks’ in a recent video

Reflecting on her online fame, Adalia said: “I guess I am a diva because I always get what I want!”

Natalia also agrees and describes how her only daughter has both her parents “wrapped around her little finger.”

Adalia’s stepfather Ryan, 31, said: “Having a social media superstar 11-year-old, it’s crazy, especially when we are out in public – you know, a lot of people recognise her.”

The self-confessed ‘diva’ also enjoys riding around her home in her mini vechicle

The YouTube star is also famous for her dance routines…

And according to the online star’s mother, Adalia is also constantly complimented on her videos and praised for “how she’s inspirational and how she doesn’t let anything stop her.”

Finding strength in her loyal fanbase, it’ll come as no surprise that Adalia “loves those comments” on her videos.

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