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Monday, September 10, 2018

EXECUTIVE STYLING 101: Monochromatic Glam! One Colour Is All It Takes.

If I'm to list a number of classic looks that I've seen people full of effortlessly, one colour look will definitely top my list. How so? Maybe because I've seen a lot of ladies nail it with a bang. And I'm definitely not talking about the everyday all black, Nope, I'm talking about fashionists who we're willing to take chances on just one colour albeit in different shades. 

You might start to wonder what really is the big deal about styling with one colour, you're not alone. I have also wondered about this countless times. But I've realized the one colour look exudes grace, class and power especially when styled for formal occasions. Besides it's striking feature of being one of the easiest styles to pull off. The fact that it is one of those styling instances where one isn't bothered about 'match-matchy' also make rocking a colour outfit appealing. 

However, as easy as it looks on the surface, styling a one colour outfit also requires concentration and as much work as you're likely to put into every other outfit if you intend to nail it completely. 

Below are few tips to guide you. 

Choose The Right Colour 

The first step when experimenting with colours is finding the right shade. In this instance, nothing can be more important. Personally brown doesn't work  for my skin, so putting on all brown outfit for me will be a total style disaster. Same goes for you, if a colour doesn't do well for your skin tone don't even think about using it in a one colour outfit. 

Pick Your Best Colour 

Truth is we all have that colour we love, and it's usually that colour that brings out the spark in us. For me it's blue, so the first colour I'll be thinking about pairing with a one colour outfit is definitely blue. When styling the one colour look, it is very important to look out for colour(s) you love so you can get the best value out of your one colour style. 

Go For Darker Tone 

Every once in a while we all love to show up in a classic style especially for formal occasions, at this time the best option is to go for not just a one colour look. It gives that classic edgy and iconic vibe that's reserved for those days we really need to make a style statement. From dark green to purple and burgundy, there's definitely a dark shade colour you can explore. 

Complement Tones 

One thing that makes the one colour outfit striking is that instead of using different colours, you use different shades of one colour to create a look like colours, one needs to ensure that the shades complement each other in other to create at worst that looks iconic. 

BONOUS TIP: Cut offs, in one colour outfit create a glam that is second to none, so while thinking about the shapes, cute and texture of individual pieces you are putting together for the one colour look. 

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