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Monday, September 3, 2018

Foods to avoid during your period

When you are on your period, you will feel fatigued, irritated and experience painful cramps and mood swings. But, you will be shocked to hear this! Did you know that what you eat can affect how you feel when while menstruating? So, just say no to these foods which can snatch your peace during your periods.

The monthly period is a trying time for many women and they may suffer from excruciating pain and discomfort. So, there are certain foods which women should avoid to keep away anxiety and cramps. Bid adieu to these foods while you are on your period.

You should avoid refined foods: Do you know that processed and refined foods are loaded with sugar which can make you feel fatigued and also lead to mood swings? Just avoid white bread, pasta, packaged foods, flavoured foods which contain additives as well and bakery items.

You should avoid fried and fatty foods: If you consume fatty foods it can cause inflammation. Avoid eating deep-fried food, fast food and fatty dairy products.

You should avoid eating salty foods: You might suffer from bloating, swelling, high blood pressure as too much salt can throw off the fluid balance. Say no to pickles, salty chips, canned food and pickles. Do it right away!

 You should avoid eating sugary foods:Though sugary foods give you quick energy after some time your energy levels can plummet leaving you to feel lethargic. It can affect your mood and also lead to water retention. Just avoid candies, carbonated beverages, sweets and foods containing refined sugar.

You should avoid alcohol: According to a study, alcohol can hamper your sleep which can, in turn, make you feel irritated and fatigued.

You should avoid caffeine: It can increase your heart rate and blood pressure causing anxiety and tension.

 You should avoid dairy products: Since, milk, cream and cheese can trigger abdominal cramps, so just stay away from milk and cheese if you are on your period.

The takeaway message: Try to follow these tips while you are on your period. But, do consult your specialist if you suffer from those painful abdominal cramps. Stay healthy!

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