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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Four Best Designs 2018 (PHOTOS)

Both young and old women can take advantage of these kitenge designs to stand out in a crowd. 

Kitenge is one of the most popular styles in East Africa. Kitenge dresses can be worn during several occasions. They make women look trendy and fashionable. Both young and old women can take advantage of these designs to stand out in a crowd. 

Here are four Best kitenge designs in 2018

1.Long Sleeved Maxi Kitenge 
The long-sleeved maxi is considered the latest trend that every woman should try before December. 
They can be worn to church services, Chama meetings, parties, weddings and even when running errands on weekends. 

2.Off Shoulder Kitenge Dress.

A woman will never go wrong when she decides to choose the off shoulder kitenge design the dress not only look classy but also trendy and cute. 

They are designed with the Bohemian look to make them more attractive. It is advisable to find a quality fabric if you want to look more attractive. 

Off Shoulder Kitenge 

3. Kitenge Wrap Dress 
Every short woman needs a wrap dress. Kitenge wrap dresses are simply the best. 
The often bring a feel that will make you fall in love with them repeatedly. Whether you are slender or well-endowed, the wrap dress won't disappoint. 

4.Kitenge Shirt Dress 
Make this weekend different by wearing a kitenge shirt dress. The dress looks great and works for every occasion. It is a perfect selection when it comes to running errands. 
Women can take advantage of the same to change their fashion once in a while. 
Kitenge Shirt Dress. 

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