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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Four Things That Could Lead To An Early Grave

Nobody wants to die early. ( I haven't seen anyone who doesn't want to enjoy this precious life!) 
However, there are certain habits in one's life that can lead to early grave. 

Here are four things that could lead anyone to an early grave:

1. Smoking 
Cigarettes is not good for your health. 
Excessive smoking can lead you to death, Avoid smoking if you want to stay healthy and live longer. 

2. Dietary Behaviour 
There are certain foods that are not ideal for your health.
For instance, foods with too much sugar and fats are not recommended for your diet. It affects the performance of different organs hence they should not be part of your daily diet. 

3. Alcohol Use 
Drunkards die earlier than their real age. 
Both men and women who take acohol risk early death. 

4. Physical Activity 
Lack of exercise makes you weaker. 
The body needs to be active. Make sure you work out regularly for good health. Remember, too much of it is not also good. 

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