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1. Images describe things lot better. Let me start with tons of Images, based on my that time reaction.

When it comes to expressing a WWE fan reaction their is no better pic than this one.
As an every single WWE and Pro Wrestling fan I didn't knew that WWE was Scripted and Fake firstly. But, when adults use to tell me when I use to watch Watch culture Wrestling and pretty much every video on YouTube I got the answer it's was fake. I use to dislike every single of those videos and I even reported saying it's spam *LOL* nothing happen to those Channel.
As like a normal fan I use to know everything about WWE from the very root while I didn't knew the most important thing that it was Scripted. I even wrote few of those Quora answer saying WWE is real. I said a lot of bad to one who wrote the answer correct saying WWE is Fake. I did that with my previous Quora Profile that I even don't know exist or not.
I use to feel the emotion, sometimes even cry (From Inside) when my favourite Superstar use too loose but now when things are not according to the talent I always blame Vince and Creative team.
For a Wrestling fan who dream to be a WWE Superstar walked all the way saying WWE matches are real and I just use to focus on it and later realize the it requires more than just winning real fights.
For me fortunately it wasn't a sudden shock or a heart attack when someone said that Wrestling is Fake. I always oppose them and when my Favourite Superstar use to win I would say it's his hard-working while when he loose I would say WWE is Scripted #racist
I learned slowly slowly slowly I mean not 10 yrs later or something like that around 4 - 6 months later I realize. When I realized it I look around and I saw the very same me in other wrestling fan. They too use to dream like me but as soon as they realize that wrestling is fake the left. The other day I looked into mirror and I said “Am I one of those freaks, am I really gonna left behind what ive build and all those things that I dreamed as kid. Am I really gonna change my dream?” The answer came “The Regime” . Instead of being like other who said wrestling is fake and left I said so what does it requires to be a so called “Fake” WWE Superstars, I started building up again.
2. When I found out WWE was scripted, my interest in pro wrestling increased tremendously. Usually, its the other way, but not in my case. I started to learn more about their business and their tactics. And this made me like WWE more than ever. Its actually fun when you get to know all the inner workings and behind the scenes activities. I wasn’t angry when I found it. But instead I started to appreciate the art of pro wrestling. Finally, now I am a smark, a hardcore wrestling fan who cannot unfollow WWE even if I wanted to.
3. When I did knew that WWE was fake i was like my whole world up-up-down-down or you can say Up Side down.
Boom, my head was shaking, my stomach was paining, feels like someone is hammering me at my back, much like I now can't even walk for 1cm, I can't move my hands… I swolled the pill of truth to get cured as I don't wanted to get turn into something after getting infected.

Now, even when I know Wrestling is fake but I just take it real to enjoy the most beautiful part and that is thrill, drama, intense, and much more. As in the words of Triple H - Blood, Sweat, Tears and Passion…
It's Not Just Ring, It's Our Home
We're not few, We're Millions
It's not just Wrestling, it's our life…
4. My reaction, well it was nothing actually. It was not something that struck me all of a sudden. I remember when I was small my cousins always used to tease me and call it scripted but I used to argue for hours sometimes, but as I grew up and started to observe it closely it was clearly evident to me that it is fixed. Things like, the superstar even at the receiving end of the move makes effort for the execution of the move, some Superstars having not so effective finisher gets away pinning the opponent and other superstar having much more devastating signature moves aren't able to do so sometimes and so many other things. A superstar like Roman Reigns, eats five f5 from the beast Brock Lesnar, at wrestlemania, and still kicked out at two everytime but had no answer to Dean Ambrose's dirty deeds. So it's clearly evident that it's scripted but still it's their storylines that makes it a great show second to none. But being Jabra fans we'll never stop watching.
5. 1st it sucked and I immediately quit watching
Then I hated it with a passion
I watched UFC after that for some years real fighters are really bad ass no doubt about it
Got to an age where I realized everything on TV is scripted from reality TV to the evening news
UFC got stale and I came to the conclusion that if I can be entertained by movies/TV show like Transformers and Street Outlaws or the Walking Dead why not Professional Wrestling
The WWE is the most entertaining thing on TV right now like it or not
Love this Superstar hate on that Superstar it's magic I get it and I accept the illusion
I watch the WWE Network and enjoy seeing wrestlers talk about experiences they had in and out of the ring and the behind the scenes stuff
If I were to sum it up at first it felt like being pranked or betrayed but after allowing myself to accept it for what it is I am entertained now as an adult than when I was young and I was an Attitude Era kid
6. I will feel mad. I want to say my own lines, but if that’s the way to get in wwe, I’ll do the scripts they give me.
Lastly,  the last answer.
7. I felt sad at first but then realised that the beatings they take were real and the way they project it is really great!
WWE is scripted but not fake . :)
What about you that's reading this post,  how did you feel when you noticed that WWE is scripted?
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