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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Is Your Family a Place of Safety? Read How!

I have always had a close knitted family. However, I am the only daughter and occasionally craved to be with other girls friends.

When we were younger, a friend of mine would come home and stay with me. Remember I have three brothers but none ever asked her out or anything. But when I started going to her place, her eldest brother started telling me rubbish. He wanted a relationship. 

Now hol up! My friend was older than I. She had four older siblings before this man “agbaya” that was asking me out.

When I continued saying no, he made the friendship hard. He won't let her come to my house. He didn't want to see me in their place. He even convinced himself and his other siblings I would spoil their kid sister.

When push got to shove, I told my brothers. They in turn told my friend that she should tell him that if he doesn't stop harassing me, they would match to their place and break his neck. He was told and he instantly had a reset.


Many moons later, when he was saner he asked me, why I had told my brothers?


I had told that I did because I was raise to believe that family is a sanctuary of life. Its endures to guard, reveal and communicate love. It should be, if not anything, a place of safety. If something ever went wrong I could go home.

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