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Friday, September 7, 2018

Kristen Stewart gets candidly vulgar in interview: 'We’re entirely sexual beings'

When it comes to her sexuality, Kristen Stewart is the cagey type. But a recent interview with French publication, Mastermind magazine, gave some insight into the inner workings of the actor's mind.

While discussing her screenwriter career, the 28-year-old held nothing back, saying: “My favourite line in this movie I’m currently writing is, ‘I thought about Sienna Torres and her shoving her hand into my wide-open cu*t, about as wide as a mouth saying motherf*cker.’ ”

She went onto say that it's not something that people are comfortable with right now, but she thinks it's the perfect time to be talking about.

“There’s nothing dirty about it, but I’m definitely going to be vulgar, and I’m definitely going to be completely unabashedly open about the fact that we’re entirely sexual beings,” said the Breaking Dawn star.

When it comes to whom she's been dating, she prefers to maintain that air of mystery. “Yeah, ambiguity is my favourite thing ever. In terms of sexuality? For sure.”

“And also in making films, if you perfectly answer every question, you don’t allow for people to have their own experience and really indulge a thought. I feel the same way about how we f*ck each other. You don’t want to know everything all the time.”

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