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Friday, September 7, 2018

Lova lova is the best song of my career _tiwa savage speaks

Lova Lova' is one of the biggest records of 2018. The song which features the revived Duncan Mighty became an instant hit on the streets and Tiwa talks about the process of recording the song.

''It was just one of those usual studio sessions, I worked with Ceeza and Spellz on it and instantly I knew it was a beautiful record...

Actually we have had this record since January, it was right after I dropped Vibe and it seemed like the next song to drop.

Duncan Mighty and myself, we've spoken for a long time about working together and so he was in Lagos and I invited him out to the studio, played him a couple of records and that one in particular and he was like, I love this record, and literally in 10, 15 minutes, he wrote his verse.''

On 'Lova Lova' being the biggest song of her career

Responding to a message she shared on her Instagram page, which had the caption that 'she had recorded the biggest song of her career', Tiwa admits that is how she feels about 'Lova Lova'.

''Definitely, it was Lova Lova,'' She says, ''cos it just felt really really special, especially when Duncan did his verse, it just felt really good.'

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