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Friday, September 7, 2018

Man denied marriage by braids uncle, find out why!

I posted about my pre-wedding photos last year September which appear on the front page,

but the wedding couldn't take place at that time everything we plan want awkward, the most annoying part was her uncle refused us to get marred reason that we didn't come from the same place, it was a talk of war, everything about the wedding has been perfected. 

my wife parents are late, so the uncle was the one representing them,what ever the uncle says stand,
the give us list which we worked on, propose list was cancel the uncle want and double all the bride price, which amount to (N700,000,000) seven hundred thousand Naira, but the money i have was not enough, we beg for reduction but the uncle refused, i have to cancel the wedding,because we cannot proceeding without the payment of the bride price.

my wife almost went insane due to the wickedness of her uncle. some months later her uncle died.

glory to God we did our wedding and traditional marriage last week 
what God have written no man can erase it.

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