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Friday, September 14, 2018

MUST READ: She dumped him cos he couldn't satisfy her sexual needs!

A young man, explains how he got jilted for refusing his girlfriend of 3 years sex.
This story was shared with one of the staffs of syctrends, hereby ,no personal info of the affected is reveled.  

A young man of 25, name withheld, from Anambra state, has expressed shock, pain, tears, anger and brokenness after his lover of 3 years dumped him, to date his cousin.
He wrote to one thus.. 

"on the 10th of September, my birthday,  she said to me " baby m horny" I laughed it off,  cos we danced and danced at the small party my mom hosted on my behalf,  I was so tired, I told her I couldn't, that I was stressed, she tried all she could to make me yield, I refused, damn I was down, she stripped, touched,  kissed and caressed, I was damn weak. Fast forward to to 12 of September, I met her in a compromising state with my cousin, my own cousin,  my blood, someone I shared a lot with,  she stood up looked me in the eye and said, "it's been over long ago,  I dumped you long before now, you are not man enough " I started wondering where I went wrong,  I gave her all of me, we sexed at least 3 times a week, I gave her the best love, my family warned me, mom mostly, I refused, I was in love,  she is the only woman I ever truly loved and stayed faithful to.
Is loving someone a crime? "

This issue is complicated,  so we are posting this to get answers from our readers for better understand. 

Who is at Fault? 
The guy? 
The girl? 
The guy's cousin? 

Your answers will go a long way !!
Drop your comments. 

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