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Monday, September 17, 2018

READ: 10 Qualities a man should acquire before the age of 30

Thirty (30) years is an age that requires a man to have acquired a lot of basic things in life. There are a lot of things a man should have achieved by the time he is 30. Here are some of these things; 

1. Be mentally mature

Maturity sometimes isn't about age. But at the age of 30, every man should be mature enough to know what is right and What is wrong. 

2. Be in a serious relationship

If not marriage, then a man at this age should be in a more serious relationship that will eventually result into marriage. Walking the streets of Nairobi with casual partners does not count as a serious relationship here. 

3. Be educated

This does not mean a masters, a degree or a diploma. It can be formal or informal. At least have something you have proper knowledge about.

4. Be employed or own a business

If not employment, then a business for the sake your own family. Make something out of life as early as you can.

5. Be responsible

Responsibility in this case has to come with age. A man at 30 should be a responsible man who is not forced to do things he should. 

6. Be fully independent

No man is expected to be still asking for money from his parents at this age. Be your own self and find a way of survival. 

7. Have a set goal

It is big shame for a man at 30 to lack direction. As a man, you should have some goals that you dream to achieve. 

8. Have a home of your own

Of course no one expects a man at the age of 30 to be staying with parents. Buy or rent a home for yourself.

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