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Sunday, September 23, 2018

READ: 3 Important things you need to do, in other to find that right woman.

Finding the dream woman is not as easy as the headlines makes it to look like, however, we can’t deny that many times, some men are the ones who make life hard for themselves. They make it always look like if it's really hard to get someone that will love and care for you.  You cannot get something unless you show hunger and desire to get it.

There are too many guys who either deliberately or not, have closed themselves off to the possibility of finding love. Unless you open up yourself, that cannot change.

One thing about love is dat it can't be stopped,  we all need love. 

Now, let’s dig into those things you've got to let go.


There are a lot of men who either because they’ve suffered heartbreak in the past or sheer fear, have closed themselves from the possibility of falling in love with a real woman. They only care about enjoying themselves with the next available lady. But unless you open up your mind and yourself to the truth that you could actually find someone amazing, and have a wonderful relationship with them, you will continue to stay within the confines you created for yourself. The mind is powerful. It only works with what it is fed.


The only reason a lot of guys are struggling to find their dream woman not really  because of anything else, but the fact that they’re afraid of what the response or reaction could be. Because they can’t handle a woman saying ‘no’, as we all know,  not everyone likes to get no as an answer. They ignore and miss the good women they could have hooked up with.

You cannot fear what you do not know. The only way to know is to try and give it a shot. Do not be limited by fear. Even if a woman decides to turn you down, it doesn’t mean others will do the same. Learn to be confident and positive in your dealings. It’ll probably surprise you to know how many women actually like you back.


We have all heard stories of our friends and people around us who suffered horrible heartbreak, or those whose emotions were toiled with just because they committed too much in their relationships. But it’s not always like that. Just because a few women have been bad to men you know doesn’t mean the next will be the same way to you.

Sometimes you need to take a leap of faith first,  the trust part comes later. 

You can't judge the future and the present with the past. There are relationships that actually work, and you need to have faith in that reality. Most women only want to be in a committed relationship, so if you’re offering less, you’re likely to miss them.



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