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Thursday, September 6, 2018

READ: 6 People gave clear answer to this question, (What makes someone good-looking?)

This question went on and on, many people started dropping their answers,  based on their own view and understanding.

The first person started with this.....
While there is a section of people who are "genetically blessed" but over the years, having interacted with "interesting people from all walks of life" who are otherwise very plain, as compared to their counterparts with the perfect symmetry, I have a different take of what being good looking entails.
First of all, its the aura that you emit or exude. Irrespective of your looks, if you exude a positive aura around you, then it speaks volumes about you! It has a MAGNETIC EFFECT whereby more people will get drawn towards you. Everyone wants to be around a "happy person"! They light up the environment and uplift your mind from negative thoughts! Now the question that you may ask is — "is it possible to stay positive or happy all the time?" Well, why not! Its a choice that you have to make at the start of your day — to be positive/happy or to be negative/grumpy. The fact of the matter is that "we have the power to control our thoughts" and whatever thoughts we send to the Universe, be it positive or negative, that gets manifested.
Secondly, by being 'Presentable'. Your appearance and grooming matters considerably! Your clothes must befit your environment and your position and so should your mannerisms. And, that will create a positive and long—lasting impression. And,don't be a stereotype! See what style/trend would complement your physique rather than blindly following the trend! And, when it comes to mannerisms, inculcate good habits; The mantra is to be polite, respectful, kind and considerate, and a bit of chivalry at times!
Thirdly, 'Smile' ! Its infectious! I carried this tagline under my official signature for years — "Smile is the best curve which can set all crooked lines straight". I was occupying this position where I had to communicate with difficult people, and the first step was to "break the ice"! I didn't know how to speak with a smile and that too, with strangers!! but this was my bread n' butter and I had to pick up fast! So I took baby steps! Rehearse!Rehearse! Rehearse! That's what I kept doing till it started to happen the natural way! Boy! That was a feat!! I eventually earned the tag — "keep smiling". Today, my day is incomplete without having smiled a zillion times else it would seem an awkward day for me! Now you may ask yourself — "what's so great about a smile? Is it that important? I can still communicate anyway!" My respond is — When you smile, your face lights up and your eyes sparkle!! Its Magnetic and helps you build a connection with the other person……in short, you put the other person at ease! You become AMIABLE!
Fourthly, by "believing in yourself"; in short, being Confident. As they say — Confidence is the Key — there is none more impressive than a confident person. This is a person who works on their shortcomings and uses their plus points to their advantage.They have loads of "Charisma" They are go—getters and work with a single—minded devotion. They know what they want and how to achieve it as well. They are simply not a face in the crowd; rather, they stand out among the crowd!
Finally, be "Intelligent" — it'll go a long way! There is none more impressive than one who holds an intelligent conversation. People are usually curious about what's behind the face, what's more to the beautiful/handsome demeanor that they see before them. An intelligent person speaks sensibly, is not haughty but grounded, and is forever brimming with interesting experiences and wisdom. And, the best part is that you will feel so "Enlightened". For me, they are a class apart!
So I have spoken at length about my idea of a good looking person. Beauty, for me, is transient; therefore, what counts at the end of the day is your Personality — a summation of all your qualities. So make them count!!.

The second person argued and said that,
It depends, but I will share some unusual things which attract women;
Things like...

Finger length
While many women might be looking for the tell-tale signs of a wedding ring, research suggests men’s hands can reveal a whole lot more.
Blonde hair
The blonde hair and blue eye combination found in Caucasians is thought to have evolved among northern European tribes around 11,000 years ago.
Body shape
Just as there is an ideal ratio for finger length, it seems that humans are programmed to quickly sum up the bodily measurements of a future lover.
To determine how good looking you are, try artificial intelligence with hotness appearance. It can tell your level of ‘’hotness’’ from a photo of you.
Scientists are divided about whether humans actually emit pheromones – the chemical signals secreted by animals to help find a mate – but we certainly use smell to detect how genetically compatible a partner might be.
Fitting in
Although it might seem like a good idea to stand out from the crowd when playing the mating game, new research suggests it actually pays to look average.
Hope this helps!

Third person  said.......
The criteria that makes someone good looking changes for each person. I do believe that there is objective beauty but whether someone finds them subjectively attractive weighs just as much.
A symmetrical, proportional, and biologically attractive physical appearance is what I consider objectively attractive. I also think this sense of beauty is present regardless of culture/society.
As for subjective beauty anything is fair game. That is why I can sit here and say that the badass biker chick on her harley with an objectively attractive physical appearance is not in fact attractive (to me), while my friend next to me is drooling all over himself. There are as many factors that go into "what is subjectively attractive" as there are aspects of one's personality. It can also be argued that cultures have a 'personality' (collective consciousness), which i believe is true, and therefore cultures absolutely have different over-arching criteria for beauty.

The fourth person added to their answers and said....
I hate to say it but you are either born with it it you aren't- not beauty but your stress on conventional beauty. If you haven't noticed, no matter how obscure the town you are from, no matter how poor or rich you are, if you have conventionally good looking feautures like large eyes and lips, white teeth, strong bones, oval face and a lean figure, you are in, even if you tried to be out. That's why types are accepted from every social group out there. Such types are of automatic equal status wether they are criminals, lawyers, homeless, 5 years old or fifty years old.
Edit: this is not my perspective, it's my observation. I personally know this is not true beauty and have a completely different conception of beauty. But, this is the REALITY, wether people will openly admit to this awareness or not.

The fifth man said
I don't think the conventional form of beauty has changed much over time. It's always been in the eye of the beholder and always will be.
Physical beauty is what's always noticed first. Pretty face, hair, eyes, and figure. That seems to be a standard measure.
Can't speak for all the cultures, but it's the same for the ones I've experienced.
However, for me, someone that has physical beauty but zero personality, or is mean to others, they're not attractive at all.
This question made the Seventh person to say......
This is really hard to tell. Because there is such a wide range of what is considered good-looking. I have taught nude and portrait drawing for many years and think I am pretty much an expert when it comes to analysing a specific beauty. I believe there is no formula, as some scientists want to figure it out, but every feature of a human has specific expression of energy, emotion and character that we can subconsciously (or as an artist: consciously) decipher. And all features together are like a concert that forms a unity of character. Of course in nature the unity is prior to the detail. This is something that can only be experienced in practice and not theoretically explained.

Lastly,  the last person  said that...
Standards change for sure but there are definitely indicators of beauty the hold better through time and culture. If i recall correctly, symmetry, skin complexion, and averageness of features are relatively stable predictors. A lot of facial beauty seems to be related to cues to health (e.g. facial asymmetry as a sign of developmental instability, averageness of features associated with heterozygosity).

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