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Friday, September 14, 2018

READ: 7 type of friends you shouldn't keep around you

They said friends always stick with each other,  but learn to draw yourself outa the line,,  if you see or notice this 7 attitude within your circle 
Friends are meant to spice up our lives, be there for us and make this world more bearable.
But then, some friends are not worth holding onto. Actually, they do not deserve being addressed as friends.

1. The crybaby

We all have come across the kind of people who are always whining and ranting. They will always have something to complain about either seeking for attention or sympathy. Honestly, there is so much to be done rather than sympathizing with an all grown crybaby.

2. Negative type

The ancient sages always advocated for positivity and that one should never entertain a single negative thought. But in as much as you want to lead an optimistic life, there are friends who will always try to pull you back with negative energy.

3. Bad influence
However cliché it may sound, you can never be friends with bad friends and come out of it clean. You will try but you finally shall succumb to their pressure at some point. If your friend never saves and is ever shopping, you might as well become as extravagant as them.

4. They never check on you

If you are always the one calling and checking on your friend, it is time to rethink about your relationship. True friendship should not be one sided and both parties should bear the responsibility to check on the other.

5. Dishonest
We have been lied to a million times and the last thing you would want is a dishonest friend. If your friend ever made you step out of the house with poor makeup or undone hair, you have no reason to hold onto them. Real friends should always tell you the truth however badly it hurts.

6. Jealous type
If anyone should be happy when you succeed, it should be your friend. But there are friends who will always suck every time we make progress mostly because they feel threatened. A true friend is one who holds your hand and is happy to see you get to the top.

7. They use you

There are these friends who will only get in touch with you when they need help. When you are going out, you are always the one paying for the drinks and fare. If so, your friend is only using you and you should avoid them by all means.

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