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Saturday, September 1, 2018

READ: Can bitter leaf abort pregnancy

Many forums and internet sources recommend that pregnant women drink fresh juice made from vegetables, fruits and greens. Bitter leaf can be found in such lists as well. But is it safe or dangerous? Can bitter leaf abort pregnancy?
Bitter leaf (Vernonia Amygdalina) grows mostly in Africa and tropical part of Asia. Yoruba people call it Ewuro, Igbo name it Onugbu and Hausa people call it Shiwaka. This plant is very popular in healthy recipes of traditional medicine. There is no doubt that bitter leaf by itself is very useful for health.

Bitter leaf and pregnancy

So many advantages of this plant make that it is healthy for a pregnant woman. But, researchers from Uganda studied the consumption of bitter leaf in stimulating childbirth among rats. It turned out that the water extract of the plant stimulate the producing of oxytocin.

In Malawi, a survey found that bitter leaf dried bark gives impetus to contractions of the womb while giving.

Unfortunately, there is no data on how the consumption of bitter leaf effects the WHOLE process of pregnancy. But there are no cases when this plant harms pregnant women.

Can bitter leaf abort early pregnancy? No!

If you are very concerned about how your pregnancy is going on, you need to consult the doctor. But in case you do not have allergic reaction to bitter leaf, it can be included into your diet as a source of different nutrients.
Among side effects of bitter leaf juice are indigestion, loss of appetite, headache. To avoid these troubles, stick to the safe quantity (4-6%, around 1200 mg) and test it for allergic reaction.

Also too bitter taste can cause stomach cramps, that is why soup, but not fresh juice, is the best dish for pregnant women. Pay attention, is better not to add chicken in the soup. 

Effect of drinking bitter leaf juice

What does bitter leaves water do to the body?

Bitter leaf is a great source of fiber and various nutrient (can be compared even with avocado). That is why it is so useful: our digestive system works better.

Adding some bitter leaf in your diet has the following advantages:
better digestion
Stimulation of fetus development
Good fetus brain development
Bone health for mother and fetus
Improves body metabolism
Detoxify the body
Now you know the advantages of consuming bitter leaf and scent leaf while being pregnant. But remember, if you have any doubts or discomfort, consult your doctor immediately. Stay healthy!

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