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Sunday, September 2, 2018

READ: Learn what the shape of hands reveals about a person?

Palmistry is a science that tells about the features of the personality and the fate of people according to their hands. This science is very popular in the world. In ancient times many people believed that the whole matter was made of four fundamental components (Fire, Air, Water and Earth) and possessed four qualities (dry, moist, cold, hot) that originated from and were inherent in the above constituents.

This theory was known even at the time of Aristotle and, amd like all traditional once-out views, is popular today. You remember that every Zodiac sign is attached to its element. There is such a theory that our hands are a reflection of our essence, and that our whole life is written on the hands, and on the hands are all the necessary points for controlling our body.
It is also believed that, depending on the shape of the hand, a person belongs to the corresponding element and has certain character traits. Look at the shape of your hands and to get the most complete information:
#1. Earth hand. A person has thick palms and thick fingers. These people are modest. They are very close to their family and friends. They are very polite and nice people. If they fall in love, they will love the person their whole life.

#2. Fire hand. A person has long palms and long fingers. These people are very energetic and ambitious. They have a clear vision of their life and have a clear mind. They do not have very many close people in their life and choose their love partner very properly.
#3. Water hand. A person has smooth palms and stubby fingers. These people are very talented, artistic and can be adaptive to the situation. They keep secrets very well. They cherish their partner and their relationship and will do their best to save it.

#4. Wood hand. A person has long palms, and long fingers with well-structured bones. These people are very creative and emotional. They do not fall in love at once. However, if they do, they are very deep in their relationship.

#5. Metal hand. A person has square palms, fingers and nails. These people are leaders. They do not pay attention to emotions, they choose people according to their personal qualities.

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