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Monday, September 10, 2018

READ: List Of Celebrities You Never Knew Worship Satan – You Will Be Shock When You Know Number 4

Considering the fact that the competition to become famous is far fiercer than ever before, a celebrity or two may have made a proverbial deal with the devil.
Some stars have grown to believe they have an association of some sort with Satan. By no means are we endorsing a satanic lifestyle, we’re just here to amaze you with accounts of how the stars you know are supposed to have a more involved relationship with the devil than you’d ever expect.
Am not certain the validity of these tales as they may just be rumored, or over-the-top claims but we definitely put a on stories that have been reported by multiple sources.
See List Below:
11. Lady Gaga
A singer who has routinely and openly courted controversy over her career, it should come as a surprise to nobody that Gaga has her fair share of detractors. Racking up a bevy of hit songs over the years like Bad Romance, Telephone, Applause, Born This Way, and far too many others to list here, she has proven herself a master of releasing catchy tunes. Branching out into acting in movies like Machete Kills and Sin City:
A Dame to Kill For, among others, her greatest acting credit came this last year when she won a Golden Globe for her role in American Horror Story. An outspoken proponent of the LGBTQ community, she likely knew far in advance that her laudable position was going to be both respected and decried.
She is alleged to have committed blasphemy with her controversial music video for the song Alejandro, where an actor portrayed Jesus and Gaga dressed as a nun, to name just a few of its uneasy moments. Takes on her private life are no less controversial as best evidenced by reports that after she stayed at London’s Intercontinental Hotel she left behind a bathtub filled with blood. These tales have caused some to see her as a tool of the Devil.

10. Madonna
If Lady Gaga was going to make our list it certainly makes perfect sense that the woman whose mantle she took up in a lot of people’s eyes, Madonna, would find her way here too. Inarguably one of the biggest pop performers of all time, she has reinvented herself again and again which allowed her to have the type of longevity few musicians have ever enjoyed. Christened the Queen of Pop, she has been named the highest-grossing solo touring artist of all time and has been inducted into more than one music hall of fame groups over the years.
Although Madonna’s early hit, Like a Virgin, went a long way to earning the ire of the religious right, it wasn’t until she released the music video for Like a Prayer that the movement was truly galvanized. A video that saw the star dancing among burning crosses in the clip’s most offensive moments, Pope John Paul II himself encouraged people to boycott her Italian performances.
When the leader of the Catholic Church speaks out against you, in particular, that is an astonishing statement. Seen by many to still perform among images of the occult to this day, some believe that she mocks those that follow the word of god in a tribute to her master.

9. Snoop Dogg
Made a huge star by his discovery by and association with Dr. Dre, Snoop took the music world by storm when he released his first album way back in 1993. Having released thirteen solo albums and eight albums where he was a part of a group, his music catalog is expansive without even considering his long history of guesting on the works of so many others. Graduating to become a personality who is well known to many who haven’t heard much of his music, Snoop has appeared in movies, been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and appears regularly on TV.
Today Snoop Dogg has become arguably the most user-friendly figure in rap and hip hop history. Perpetually baked, he seems to be having a great time wherever he goes as evidenced by the smile that seems to be a permanent fixture of his face but that was not always the case.
The eighteen-minute short film and soundtrack, Murder Was the Case, which told the story of Snoop’s death and resurrection after making a deal with the devil is all the evidence some need to believe he runs with the devil. The fact that a couple of years later, the rapper was put on trial for murder also served to strengthen their case despite the fact that he was acquitted.

8. Nicki Minaj
One of the biggest rappers of the last several years, Nicki was called “the most influential female rapper of all time” by an editor for The New York Times. The winner of awards handed out by BET, MTV, Billboard and the recipient of six American Music Awards, it is safe to say that Nicki has earned the respect of critics far and wide. Branching out into television with her role as an American Idol judge, she has also appeared in movies like The Other Woman and Barbershop: The Next Cut, as well as lending her voice to Ice Age: Continental Drift.
Creating an unapologetically sexual image that has been backed up again and again by her scandalous music videos, Nicki certainly doesn’t seem to be concerned about offending people. Compared to Satan by Mariah Carey, a fellow American Idol judge, it isn’t just her fellow pop stars that associate her with the dark lord. Performing as a part of the 2012 Grammy telecast, many were profoundly offending by the symbolism present, including sex slaves and a priest. Called out by anMTV article as going into “full exorcism mode for her bizarre and creepy performance” the segment had some viewers calling foul and proclaiming she was in league with Satan.

7. Nick Jonas
A member of the pop rock band, The Jonas Brothers, alongside his siblings Kevin and Joe, the group was seen as being about as family friendly as they come. Further cementing his do-gooder image by appearing in two Disney Original Movies, Camp Rock, and its sequel, as he grew older his choices began to mature as evidenced by his role on the horror series Scream Queens. Currently, an internationally charting solo artist who had a huge hit with the song Jealous, Nick has become his own man but still mostly seems like a solid dude.
Then he chose to wear a T-Shirt and some people lost their minds. Seen in public sporting a shirt that featured Aleister Crowley, arguably the most famous occultist of the modern era, some people were absolutely shocked. Sure, we can see how someone who has proclaimed himself a conservative Christian in the past wearing a shirt of someone who was denounced as “the wickedest man in the world” is odd, but still.
In our minds the most likely scenario is that Nick fell prey to a mistake that many young people make, wearing clothes they think looks cool without knowing the deeper meaning. He just as easily could have been seen wearing a Che Guevara shirt as so many youngsters do without knowing that man’s story.

6. Jimmy Page
Jimmy Page, guitarist and founder of the band Led Zepplin and a member of The Yardbirds is one of the most respected rock stars of all time. Ranked by Gibson as the second best Guitarist of all time and recognized by Rolling Stone as the third best, to name just two of the lists his skills have been acclaimed by, he has had a hand in creating marvellous music. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a part of both of his big bands, any attempt to list his accolades seems likely to be an unending effort.
We’ve already mentioned Aleister Crowley, the famed British Occultist whose image Nick Jonas wore and thought that may have been a mistake Jimmy’s feelings towards the man are entirely concrete. Seen as obsessed with Crowley, Jimmy is known as a collector of his memorabilia, even going so far as to buying and restoring his home. Additionally, his most famous work, alongside his bandmates in Led Zepplin has been the subject of Satanist urban legends for years which have inspired some more religious observers to ban their music from their homes.

5. Jayne Mansfield
Bodacious actress Jane Mansfield striking a sexy pose in at her home.
A major Hollywood star of yesteryear, and late mother of Law and Order: SVU star Mariska Hargitay, Jayne reached the zenith of her career in the 50’s. Seen in flicks like Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter, The Girl Can’t Help It, The Wayward Blues, and Too Hot to Handle among others, she became internationally famous.
Also remembered as one of the first Playboy Playmates, she changed the industry when she was the first star to appear in the buff on the big screen. Killed in a car crash at the young age of thirty-four, we’ll never know if she could have recaptured her former fame. Said to be an actual member of the Church of Satan, some have even gone so far as to say that she had a romantic relationship with the group’s founder Anton LaVey. The interesting part is that there seems to be little truth to the claims that still dog her legacy to this day.
Tales of her supposed association with the Church surfaced after the star’s death and claimed that her success was ensured by worshiping Satan. It appears that the origin of the entire story began because the actress was convinced to take part in a publicity photoshoot by German photographer Walter Fischer. The resulting pics are used as proof of her dark history to this day but it seems that those claims are about as valid as thinking Amy Schumer slept with R2-D2 and C-3PO since there are photos that imply that.

4. Abraham Lincoln
If we have to tell you why Abe is famous then clearly you didn’t exactly ace your history class. The sixteenth President of the United States, he is credited with preserving the union after the Civil War, abolishing slavery and forever changing the world we know today.
It’s pretty safe to say that he is one of the greatest if not the very best president of all time despite his life and presidency coming to an early end due to his assassination. Mary Todd Lincoln is mostly famous for being his wife and a former First Lady but she was an indomitable figure herself. Turns out that the Lincolns, one of the best remembered and most respected couples ever, held a séance in the White House, if a 1963 Boston Gazette story is to be believed. If the retelling of the story is, in fact, true, Abe seems to have taken the proceedings with a grain of salt while his wife and others present took the goings on far more seriously.
After the president’s passing some stories point to his widow delving far deeper into attempts to communicate with her dead husband. Although many people today see these types of events as entirely mundane, there is still a rather large contingent who sees the act of communing with the dead as innately demonic

3. Liberace
Possibly the most flamboyant mainstream celebrity of all time, Liberace was a pianist, singer, actor, and showman without peer. The highest paid entertainer in the world between the 1950’s through to the 1970’s, he gave concerts for decades while releasing albums, appearing on TV and in movies and even earned endorsements. Constantly clothed in some of the most glamorous or gaudy outfits ever created, he lived an outrageous life during a period where expectations of men were far from progressive.
A homosexual who lived his life in the closet due to the massive backlash it would have caused at the time, it may not be shocking that he hid his private life but his supposed beliefs were surprising. Said to be one of the first members of the Church of Satan, if the claims are accurate he was also a personal friend of the group’s leader and founder. Although we couldn’t find any photo evidence to back up the stories, we also found zero stories disputing the claims. We certainly don’t see the lack of detractors as proof of anything other than the man is associated with Satan, which is more than enough to land here.

2. Sammy Davis Jr.
The Rat Pack is one of the most celebrated groups of entertainers in the history of the world. Made up ofFrank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop, and Sammy, the team appeared in films and on stages for years. Despite the fact that Sinatra was clearly the Pack’s biggest star and many saw Dean Martin as its most charming, it was their lone minority member, Sammy, who is often remembered as the most likable.
An active participant in the civil rights movement, he was one of the many who marched on Washington, he refused to perform in segregated clubs (which is credited with changing Vegas and Miami) and married a white woman when it was still forbidden in 31 states.
On the other end of the spectrum, the man is said to have been a member of the Church of Satan for several years and unlike Jayne, this time, the tales appear to be true. Even going so far as to release an album called Satan Swings, Baby, where he even performed a duet with the church’s founder which is just crazy. Not enough for you? Well, how about the fact that he starred in a television project called Poor Devilwhich was intended to become a series, where he would attempt to convince a new character to sell their soul every week.

1. Beyonce
First becoming famous as a member of the girl group Destiny’s Child, in which she played the principal part during her early years, Beyoncé has been known to sing some gospel tunes. Moving on to start a solo career that has turned her into one of the most renowned and respected singers of this generation, she has come to be considered music royalty by her legion of fans.
Additionally spreading her wings by acting in movies like Austin Powers in Goldmember, The Pink Panther, Dreamgirls and Obsessed, it certainly seems like Queen B is in a stratosphere all her own. That kind of fame is typically associated with the scrutiny of the strongest of magnifying glasses, popular opinion, which can result in your every move being dissected to an incredible degree. For instance, groups like The American Family Association, a right-wing group, have her in their crosshairs for becoming “dark and malevolent”.
There are even some rumors that her child with Jay-Z, Blue Ivy, was named as a tribute to the dark lord, either as a devilish acronym or some whackos have even tried to claim that the name spelled backward, is also Lucifer’s daughter’s name. Total hogwash, of course, but for the ardent few her more sexual image of late is part and parcel of her demonic regression.

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