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Friday, September 28, 2018

READ: Must Read, Things you need to know about life

Life,  life is...... I dont know how to best explain life, But let me try. Alright, in other to know what life is,  let's take out time and point out what life is not. 

Life is not awesome 
Life is not sweet
Life is not all about friendship 
Life is not all about family
Life is not what you make of it. 
And,  life is not hard. 

So now that we have pinted out what life not,  I'm  going to give reasons for this options. 

Life is not awesome because sometimes the things that makes sense to us seems to bore us. 
Life is not sweet because of the ups and down in it. 
Life is not friendship,  because friendship ends
Life is not family because family leaves us
Life is not what you make of it because,  nobody can make life. 
And,  Life is not hard because there is always a second ahead. 

Now what is life?, what is this life that everyone is talking about? 


every other think that you think life is,  is left for you to add it up,  if you want life to be awesome to you,  you make it to be awesome. 

The awesome, friendship, family,  hard,  and the making part of life lies on you. 

Because even if you get family,  friends, make things out of life,  you still feel like you haven't lived yet.

You are your life on till you stop living, and you don't stop living by giving up on some certain things or quiting many things,  you stop living only when you die. 
I saw a photo that has text written on it,  it says '' don't look down on yourself because people are talking about someone else,  always remember that no matter how or who you are,  you will always be used as an example.  But,  try to live your life so that you will be a good example''.  What I'm trying to say is that,  the life is yours.  You are the root of your life,  family, friends,  sweetness,  awesomeness and hardness of life are life accompaniment.

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