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Sunday, September 23, 2018

READ: Replies to the trending question on internet. ''HOW DO I SELL MY SOUL FOR BLACK MAGIC?? ''.

You don’t.

I don’t believe you can sell your soul. Depending on your religious tradition, you may be able to endanger or lose it, but you probably won’t get anything for it. People who claim to have sold their soul for special powers are lying to you. They either know a good gimmick when they see one, are mentally ill, or are trying to seem special. I do believe in black magic. This just means any kind of magic done for selfish gains, especially that which denies free will to your target (victim). You don’t need to sell your soul to do it, you just need to become a very strong and gifted spellcaster. Once you reach that stage, however, you’ll know better than to use it carelessly, considering doing so is so dangerous.

There is no magic, black or otherwise, and no evidence of anything called a soul existing. You have a brain, consciousness is an emergent property of said brain. Welcome to reality.

If you manage to get and old and original grimoire and somehow unravel and comprehend all the stuff put together in one of those books without going crazy, you may find a ritual for this. If you follow all the steps for said ritual (which in most cases require a sacrifice, like most of black magick) in proper manner (right mindset, steps, understanding, materials and most important without fear), you might be able to summon a demon or some lower level beign which might be interested in your soul. If you manage to complete the ritual (which will require a lot of practice and a mature-spiritual mind) without getting deranged in the process, then maybe you will prove some worth to that beign, otherwise he will not be interested in your soul, and you will become deranged in the process.

So its very dangerous, but its possible, its just that your soul must be very worthy for that beign to make a bargain with you, and when you finally sell your soul to that beign, you will have some supernatural knowledge and then realize that you could have gotten that knowledge if you were less lazy and did research on the occult on your own.

So now you have the secret knowledge you sought after, but no soul, which means that said beign will control you for the rest of your existence and you will no longer have free will. This means that the next time you will be conscious you may find your self in jail because the beign was having a party with your body.

Weird stuff and the world gets messed when you play with things you dont even have a little idea about its true nature.

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