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Friday, September 14, 2018

SEE PHOTOS: Best ways to wear ANKARA Shorts

Have you ever bought an outfit that you wanted so badly and after wearing it felt like you’re the most fashionable person in the world? Well, you can feel beautiful inside out by wearing well designed Ankara shorts. What’s to love about these African print shorts is that they fit any style and are universally worn by all genders. However, when it comes to how cool you look with Ankara shorts it’s all about matching with the right top and shoes because nothing shows off bare legs than a pair of shorts. Whether you have a high waist design, knee length or dungaree, here are the best ways on how to wear Ankara shorts.

What to wear with Ankara shorts accessories and shoes

Ankara shorts are a must-have for every African man and woman, especially during summer. However, knowing exactly which shoes and accessories to pair the printed shorts with can be challenging. When it comes to deciding on how to dress Ankara shorts, you can’t go wrong with a solid color top or blouse. Think of white or black vests for summer days or a long-sleeved ensemble for cold days. Always aim for contrast and balance, but if you love to go all out and dress up to kill then take fashion inspiration from one of these looks.

1. Flat shoes for a minimalistic effect

Ankara shorts for women are casual, and most tend to have shouting colors and bold patterns. Keeping the accessories muted is the best way on how to rock Ankara shorts. You also need to pair with a casual pair of shoes which can either be in neutral color or matching with the Ankara fabric color. For a laid-back looks pair with ballet flats, canvas, sandals or embellished flip-flops. Flat shoes and wedges are also the best choices for curvy and plus size women as they help you stay comfortable, elongate the legs while taking the focus away from the thighs.

2. Ankara shorts for men and shoes that match

Most men look dapper wearing Ankara shorts, but it’s the shoes that make the man look unique. While women can have a ton of shoes, men prefer to have a few shoes that can complement almost all outfits. A basic plain t-shirt will match any Ankara fabric shorts, and a wristwatch will add to the masculine effect. As for the shoes, neutral colored sneakers are timeless, casual boat shoes have a low key appearance, and flip flops or sandals will complement any beach-going style.

3. Take a cue from Ankara shorts for women

Celebrities are always picture perfect, and that’s why most of us tend to copy what they wear. So if you have a favorite celebrity that you love their fashion styles then look at how they wear Ankara shorts for ladies. Then try to recreate the look but consider your body type, skin tone, and fashion style. For a party or night event, pair your #Ankara knee length shorts with a sequin top and complete the look with heels.

4. Open shoes for a carefree fun look

When it comes with shoes that go well with Ankara short designs, then any open shoes will complete your casual look. Wearing open shoes such as flip-flops with Ankara beach shorts creates a perfect outfit that fits a vacation or beach mood. However, if you’re tired of flip flops then go for other open shoes like ankle strap sandals, dressy sandals, open toe wedges, and skimpy thong sandals. You want a shoe that screams casual, comfortable and stylish.

5. Sneakers with trendy Ankara shorts

Whether you’re wearing beautiful Ankara shorts when going shopping or for an outdoor activity with friends, pairing these shorts with sneakers always exudes a comfy look. The shoes are also great for both warm and cold days, and you can even add a pair of socks to trap sweat and keep your feet warm. The trick with picking the right top to match Ankara shorts for ladies is to choose one color on the short and use it as a way of selecting the shoe color.

6. Gladiator footwear and Ankara shorts for women

The straps on the gladiator sandals bring focus to your legs. For a flirty look, pair with some sunglasses and cool accessories. Fat gladiator shoes are not ideal for women with short height, but you can create the illusion of a longer silhouette by wearing gladiators that are of a tone lighter than your skin tone or those in nude colors.

7. Loafers and Ankara shorts for guys

Loafers in grey, beige, black or white colors give a professional look to Ankara shorts for guys which works when you are attending a formal event yet want to wear something that exudes street style. Match your shorts with same color tops for a monochrome look.

8. Ankara shorts with classy formal shoes

Espadrilles are flat, breathable and light shoes which mean that you can wear them all day long. For a stunning look pair your Ankara shorts with espadrilles that match the color of the Ankara fabric. Ankara shorts with suspenders also have a formal look that suits a professional event.

How to wear Ankara shorts according to its length

African prints are never going out of style so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t know how to wear Ankara shorts. These shorts are so versatile that they can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your mood for that day. The trick to choosing the right top or blouse, shoes and accessories is to know the different types of shorts. Ankara shorts can be categorized based on their lengths.

1. Ankara dungaree shorts

These shorts are wearable during hot days as both the fabric and fabric allow you to stay cool. The dungaree straps are an added advantage as you can use them to determine the short length. Wear Ankara dungaree shorts with a statement t-shirt and sneakers, plain crop top and matching heels.

2. Knee length Ankara shorts

Knee length or Bermuda shorts are making a fashion buzz of late mostly because they make looking good easy. In case your thighs are a problematic area then these shorts are perfect for you. Pair this short with shoes that make your legs appear longer and slimmer which for women can be heels and wedges. For men, Ankara shorts with suspenders have a casual look that can be complemented with sneakers or any casual footwear. The suspenders are an accessory on its own so wear with slip ons and a rolled up to the elbow shirt.

3. High waist Ankara shorts with a crop top

High waist fit has become a popular trend, and the Ankara pattern gives these types of shorts a relaxed summer vibe. Pairing these shorts with a crop top is the way to go but if you’re not comfortable with showing off your midriff then aim for longer tops that show only a bit of skin. The crop top and high waist design will emphasize your waist while the shorts will put the focus on your legs. Wearing heels with these shorts creates an eye-catching look.

4. Ankara baggy shorts with a cool top

The leg holes for baggy shorts are wide, and are more forgiving in those instances when you feel uncomfortable with tight outfits. To balance the oversize nature of these shorts and to flatter your body's outline its best to pair with a contrasting tight top.

5. Ankara micro shorts with a baggy t-shirt or top

Micro shorts are for the bold ones as the length barely covers the bottom and mostly suit women with slender bodies. These shorts are great for going to the beach, and you can pair them with flat sandals, sneakers, or wedges. Heels have a way of transforming these girly shorts into a sexy appeal that fits women of all ages. Keep the top baggy or oversized to create balance. Here are some Ankara short images that will show you how to slay with this design.

6. Mid-length Ankara shorts

A simple search on the internet will give you various designs of Kenyan Ankara shorts. However, the mid-length is a design that is most popular with all genders. While exposing a bit of skin, mid-length shorts cover problematic areas. But what’s to love about these Ankara shorts is that they complement a wide range of shoes.

Depending on the occasion and body type pair your mid-length Ankara shorts with slides or thong sandals, chunky heeled sandals, and simple sneakers, mid heeled pumps with open toes or low wedges.

7. Ankara denim shorts with a denim top

Denim will never go out of style, and of late it has been incorporated into Ankara shorts. The pattern on the short can be geometric, floral, bold or muted and the easiest way to look good with these shorts is to match with a denim top but keep it tucked in.

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