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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Social Media: Living a Double Life.

Research say folks on social media are under tremendous pressure to alter how they are in an online context in order to be more popular, for social gratification.

Likes, comments and a compulsion to stand out is the new drug and people would do anything to be a "Facebook Celebrity".

Edward Amah, a Facebook user shares a personal story of a "Facebook Atheist" he met praying in church. 

Amah writes, 

"Today, I was at the Chapel of St Joseph Catholic church, where I went to pray. Do you know what? I saw a Facebook Atheist there. I finished praying before him, and decided to wait outside to cure my curiosity. I waited for an extra 27mins for this guy.

When he came out, I approached him and extended a hand for a handshake.

"Good Morning Brother Atheist," I greeted, while shaking hands with him.

He burst into laughter, as if I was tickling him.

"Do you know me on Facebook?" he asked.

I must confess that I was shocked that he didn't deny his identity. I thought he would be surprised, given the way I happened on him. Ah, he wasn't in any way surprised.

"Hell yes I do!" I replied.

"What is your Facebook name?" he asked, trying to certify my identity .

"Edward Amah," I replied.

For some reasons, he held my hand and shaked it firmly, while expressing how happy he was."I follow your posts a lot Sir," he began; "I hope I don't keep you uncomfortable with my posts?" 

"Your space is your space young man, but you are really good at taking God for granted," I replied.

He was speechless.

"Are you here for research?" I asked.

"Hapukwanu ihe Facebook a. Infact otego mmadu mekiri post na ihe atheist a na facebook," he replied.

"Sir Eddy inakwa ata Chicken? " he immediately added, thinking his question would make me forget everything.

"But guy it's not good o. Haba this is too much," I said.

"You're in my town! I want to host you!!" he said, smiling.

We drove off to 'Chester fries' along Okigwe road, and after spoiling me small, I dropped him off at Brass Junction. I told him I would make a post on this, but will keep out his name.

"You be correct Sir!" he exclaimed while we exchanged numbers.

Ah, sad realities."

Perhaps this will serve caution to blind followers who determine their values by what many write on Social Media.

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