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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Teebillz response to Harry song's recent post on depression

Music executive TeeBillz has shown support to singer Harrysong after he revealed his battle with depression.

Harrysong had shared a cryptic Instagram post before starting therapy, after which he revealed he was battling depression.

His team had also thanked fans, revealing that he’s getting the needed help.

TeeBillz, who himself has battled depression before the public eye, has shown support to Harrysong on his Instagram, writing that it’s “OK to not be OK.”

He shared on instagram:

"It’s Ok “not to be Ok sometimes my Brother” and there’s no shame to it! I’ve been there! The Saddest part is that our society shy’s away from the truth and being human, we are covered up by a culture that is so far lost…… We emulate the western world at our convenience but shy away from the reality of consciousness….. you did the right thing, crying out at the right time, unlike myself! The western world that we emulate has lost so many lives due to ignorance. Your mind is the greatest weapon to attack the delusional world that we live in bro! When you understand the dynamics of life, define your values and understand your purpose in life, the rest is a daily exercise…. Gratitude is my recommendation. If we can all exercise empathy and love to one another, The world will be a better place to contain all of us in peace….. don’t get carried away from reality and the social media world folks!!! #Blessings❤️ #Selense#tekero #IamHuman#MeSelfiBeHumanBeing

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