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Friday, September 7, 2018

Things you must do to look outstanding after makeup, makeup artists list five things,

When you are out there flaunting your crazy good makeup skills, most people are probably looking at you in admiration. But there is a select group of people who are silently makeup artists The pros can spot an amateur job a mile away, so if you want to wow them and also have your best beauty look yet, here are five things you need to stop doing immediately.

1 Not Prioritising Your Skincare

Most people wear makeup for two reasons: to accentuate their good features and to conceal the ones they don’t like. So it makes perfect sense that the better your skin is the less makeup you will have to use. This is why makeup artists feel that we should be paying more attention to looking after our skin so that we have as close to perfect a canvas as possible. This not only means having a good skincare routine but also to make sure that you actually remove your makeup properly at the end of the day. Treat your epidermis well and it will reward you with a gorgeous glow.

2 Going Overboard with Your Brow Products

There’s no denying it – bold brow are in. And they aren’t likely to be going anywhere anytime soon. Or ever. This means that many of us are spending more time filling in and perfecting our brows than ever before, and watching countless of our favourite influencers show us how it’s done in their Instagram videos. But a word from the wise – don’t go overboard. Makeup artists say that when it comes to brows, less is more, especially if you still want them to appear natural. Fill in where necessary with feather-light motions and you’re good to go.

3 Blowing on Your Makeup Brushes

For years we have been led to believe that we should blow any excess loose pigment off our makeup brushes before we put it anywhere near our faces. But this is a major faux pas. The reason for this is actually very obvious – you can spray saliva on to your tools. The problem with this is because our mouths are teeming with germs and bacteria, so you could transfer these bugs on to your face and cause skin flare-ups. The other issue is that if you get moisture on your brushes it could affect the way that the product looks on your face. Patchy streaks, anyone? We don’t think so.

4 Adding Highlighter to Bumpy Bits

Highlighter is one of those beauty products that we simply can’t live without. Whether you are wearing a full face of makeup or are going bare, adding it to your face can instantly give you a lit-from-within glow. But makeup artists say that we need to be careful of where we are applying it. If you apply it over an area where you have bumps, lines and imperfections, it will only make those areas even more amplified. This can be averted by going easy on the amount of product you apply and opting for a cream-based highlighter with a fine shimmer rather than a glittery powder formula.

5 Contouring with the Wrong Shade

Contouring can be the difference between good makeup and GOOD makeup.  It can literally change the shape of your face in a good way, but only if you do it right. And the first step to doing it correctly is by making sure that the products you are using actually match your skin tone. We are all a unique shade but many people use standard orange-hued bronzers which don’t suit everyone. If you have a grey, taupe or purple undertone, there is a contour shade for you – you just have to look for it and not be drawn in by the warm orange glow. It’s for the best.

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