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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Top Four Braided Hairstyle ideas (PHOTOS)

A black woman in braided hairstyle.

Black braided hairstyles are very popular. 

Selecting the best braided hairstyles can be one of the most dounting task for women. 

Most women end up choosing the wrong braided styles because they lack knowledge. 

Here are four braided hairstyles that have been trending in 2018.

1. Ombre Blue Box Braids

These braids never disappoint. 

Most women prefer them because they are easier to maintain. 

2. Feed In Braids Bun 

The braids can be accessorised to make a perfect look. 

They are also cheap to maintain. 

3. Medium Box Braids 

The braids are thick and have cuffs. 

This hairstyle would look perfect on anyone you can also accessorise it to bring out the desired glam. 

Box braids are also convenient and easy to maintain. 

4. Long Lemonade Braids 

The braids are not only affordable but also easy to maintain. 

They are great for funky designs. 

You can add different colours to look more amazing. 

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