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Saturday, September 15, 2018

#TrendAlert: Check out headgears style you should try out.

Gone are the days when wearing head gears were for only 'bad hairs days'. These days the headgears is now a staple fashion statement. 

They are visible on every occasion whether wedding ceremonies, red carpets, conferences, birthday ceremonies, get-together and the likes. 

Both young and old are rocking the headgears of different patterns and colours. The beauty of this trend is knowing how to tie the headgear to suit your face frame. You can show off your creative side by pulling off a fashion statement with your headgear in place.  Try mixing colours that blend well. You can be edgy or chic depending on how you want rock your headgear. 

Also, ensure you add accessories to add more beauty to your looks and then, you are good to go in your outfit. 

See some headgear styles inspiration you can try to slay effortlessly below.. 

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