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Thursday, September 6, 2018


I dont understand why anyone would not find Priyank Chopra gorgeous and attractive. With plum projects like TV series ‘Quantico’ and Hollywood debut with film ‘Baywatch’, the actress is making India proud and continues to inspire all with her achievements.
As for her winning the Miss World, Priyanka had revealed long back that she wasn’t even aware of her pictures being sent for this prestigious national beauty pageant!
It was in the year 2006 when Priyanka appeared as the celebrity guest on talk show ‘Rendezvous with Simi Garewal’. During her conversation with host Simi Garewal, she was asked whether it was true that her family had entered her name without telling her. The actress replied by saying, “Yeah! I just come back from America to do my 12th in India. So, my mom I don’t know randomly just for the heck of it sent my pictures in and pictures that are taken at home, you know. And they sent it in. I was actually in middle of tuition and I was watching ‘Mera Naam Joker’. And I got a phone call and just picked it up and was like ‘Hello’, and she’s like ‘Oh! Hi I’m calling from Femina, this is Ila, your preliminary contest is in four days and this is the hotel and you’ll have to come there. There are about 500 girls chosen so we’ll see you there, no makeup bring high heels and I’ll see you there. Okay, bye’.”

“I was just like, wait how could Femina know I live in Bareilly and she knew my name. So, I was really excited and I was like mom they must have done like a random search or something and found me. Then she very sheepishly came and told me you know I sent those pictures and I was like how could you send those pictures, they are so ugly and she’s like you got a call. So, yeah I just started from there,” added the actress. [sic]
You can say that that was the moment which spun Priyanka’s life around, and Im glad that her mother Madhu Chopra went ahead and entered her name. Had she not done that, we would never have been introduced to this exceptional bundle of talent and versatility named Priyanka Chopra.

Just because of the mere fact that jury didn’t have the same parameters of judging beauty as you have.
More than the facial beauty , Priyanka Chopra has proved again and again the importance of hard work. She is now one of those Indians who represent India at a global level.
So yes, the jury who made her Miss World might not have been aware of her future endeavor but sensible enough to give title to the deserving one.
Yugal Shelke
I am an admirer of Priyanka's work and the challenges she takes :)
82w ago
The main difference between her and the most of the girls or people in general or you to b specific is that She is really smart and intellegent and beautiful unlike most of us…
Becoming a miss world is no joke..it requires you to b talented,intellegent,smart, beautiful and you are supposed to have the knowledge of current affairs:)
 but If u still really think that she is ugly ,You should probably start respecting her more than ever and anyone because if she can be as succesful as she is with an ugly face ,She is the biggest inspiration ever..can u imagine how many average looking girls can take inspiration from her ?….
But if u think she is ugly,You have a really bad taste…because not only miss world but she has been named sexiest woman,hottest woman,most desirable woman by several international magzines….and she was the first Asian GUESS GIRl….You have to be really beautiful to be a guess girl…Priyanka has the sexiest eyes(Validated by Victoria’s secret) and the most beautiful hair and dangerously sexy lips …she has the perfect body….she can dance well ,she can act well..really really well…she can sing..she loves maths …she is not the girl next door to b honest:)
 I dont think i should have explained this much because i believe you are just someone who wants to Waste people’s time by asking the stupidest questions :)

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