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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

20 year old kills a motorcyclist and steals his motorcycle.

A cyclist has met his untimely death on Wednesday at Iyana near Orile Ilugun Ogun state.

A motorcycle rider by name Oni Oluwajawon was murdered by 20 and year old farm labourer Tobi Kodaolu, who has been arrested along with his kid 16 year old brother  Kehinde and their Co Hammed Babalola. 

The suspect explained how he made the victim follow him to a thick bush where he killed him with a machete. 

In an interview the suspect maintained, he committed the act alone and explained in his words that "I used my cutlass to cut him many times, when he was gasping for air and certainly dying,  I I took away his motorcycle,  I later came to meet them (his brother and Hammed)  and we headed for Abeokuta. the suspect and the deceased where living in same area,  so when his (deceased)  services where requested from Tobi,  he agreed without hesitation .
The suspect made his brother and friend swear an oath of secrecy after the crime. 

Remains of the victim was found in the bush,  and the three have bring the ones behind motorcycle thefts in the community,  confirmed the commissioner of Osun  state police, Ahmed Iliyasu. 

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