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Sunday, October 21, 2018

27 year beautiful lady, marries her best friends 54 year old dad

An Arizona woman age 27 has tied the not with  her best friend’s 54 years old father, and now the three are on vacation together. .

Reports from The Sun, realtor Taylor Lehman, 27, expressed that  she felt guilty at first about dating Kern, 54, because  of her friendship with his daughter Amanda, who is 30. 

But five years went by and  the couple from Phoenix,  only kept growing stronger. Taylor revealed how she and Kern never expected their “rebound fling” to turn into marriage. 

After discovering a shared love for music, traveling and having fun, the pair quickly packed in together. The couple, who have been mistaken for father and daughter at one time, now have the support of their families despite initial concern and shock. 

The newly wedded bride said: 

“When we first met, I worked with Kern’s daughter, she was my best friend and he was married at the time. I was also in a relationship. At first I thought he was very handsome. I have always been attracted to older guys. 

He thought I was cute, and we started flirting at the bar. Amanda and I had been friends for a year before I got with her dad, so I did have a lot of guilt and felt bad at first. 

But over time I have gotten over that. She knows I will always be there for her in her life and problems. At the beginning, my parents were kind of concerned, my mom was upset that this was my friend’s dad, but they know I’ve always dated older men."

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