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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Check out: celebrities with HIV/AIDs, you never knew of,

The virus, HIV/AIDS is a health issue lots of people are scared to test their status. 

It is  more  complicated when one is a celebrity. 

People believe  that it is a death sentence if you are a carrier. 

Meanwhile , these celebrities below, have confessed their HIV status.

Richard Amouk: is a music genius and his aid to the growth of  Ukoo Flani and Achong Pong Clan is excellent. The ones he loved bestowed the disease upon him, which he initially said is a lie,  but pater accepted, the condition and told the public.

below are two others:

Joji Baro: one of the biggest advocate  of gay rights in his country. Moreso, he is a gospel artist and he is not afraid to declare,  his positive status. Unfortunately, his family disowned him.

Frigacy: aself-proclaimed gay artist had exposed that he had HIV. When he was interviewed by the Nairobian, he also explained  that he started drug abuse while still in high school. He is the man behind Mapenzi hit. Unfortunately, he died in an unexplainable circumstance. 

Furthermore,  two socialites have come to declare themselves negative. 

.Vera posted her results on social media .

And so did Vanessa Chettle  after she was wccused.

Huddah Monroe Bostonian,  had to declare , to Kenyans the year 2014 that she was actually  negative.  She and Vera made the declaration during World Aids day. 

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