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Friday, October 12, 2018

Christianity separated man from his daughter and baby mama!

A man who is a traditionalist,  has brought his complaint to social media,  of how Christianity has kept him apart from his baby mama and beautiful daughter. 

The man voiced out,  how badly he would wanna be with his family but core Christianity held his baby mama sort from him. 
he made the post with pictures of his daughter and an old picture of he and his baby mama...  Below are his words:

"She supposed to be My Wife. From same village the same Town.We had a Daughter. But She is a hard core Catholic with knowledge. I am hard core Traditional Nwokedi Ududonka and Haba Agulu that is why we are not together. My Daughter is not happy She never talk to me unless if She needs money. I am not happy I can't go back to church. My door is always open for My lost sheeps. Churches at war with Traditional Nwokedi Ududonka. Missionaries have divided many Families in Igbo land. I wish Christians whatever they wishing me"

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