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Monday, October 29, 2018

I bought goodies for the upcoming savage artist_ man shares hilarious photos a child drew of him.

A young man on facebook, identified as Maurice,  has shared a hilarious drawing of him,  made by a little boy,  at a provision store, he went for relaxation early hours of today. 

He thought the little boy was writing an assignment not knowing,  he was drawing a portrait of him. 

He further revealed, that he would ask the title one to make a portrait of president Muhammadu Buhari.

Read his posts below:

"On my way back from work today, I stopped by mama Ofor's provision store close to my street to cool off with a bottle of coke. I was sipping the chilled drink while surfing the internet with my phone, i noticed the way this little man whom I thought was doing his homework was impetuously looking at me. 

I thought maybe he wants me to help out with his homework but didn't know how to ask, so i asked to see what he was doing and BOOM!!! dude was making a portrait of me. 😥

 What my eyes caught sight of as my portrait almost gave me a heart attack. Damn!. This is supposedly me holding my phone. Dude drew a picture of me looking like a zombie with my hair matted to my face and my larger than life nose like that of Don Jazzy.

As you can tell, I have a giant smile, however, my aggressive beard seems to keep that smile hidden. You may be impressed by my bald shapeless head or it could be the elongated ears, highlighted for emphasis.

 I swear this child needs Jesus in his life 😠 In fact, if he continues like this he's probably not going to make heaven. How dare him drew his grandfather's ancestor and call it Maurice. He should thank his stars his mother was around, I would have given him a dozen of a well deserved hard head knocks for making a caricature of an uncle like me. Nonsense!  

I still can't believe i bought goodies for this up coming savage artist and his siblings after what he did to me. I will leave him to God and his village people. 😒 

Children are creative individuals that draw whatever comes to mind. Sometimes these drawings are laden with meaning, and other times they are just funky creations that interconnect with a child’s development, vast imagination, and overall curiosity about the world. 

When kids draw, they just draw whatever comes to mind; this is what makes kid's artwork extremely telling. Since kids love to draw and do so often, art is a method of physiological analysis that is readily available and easy to obtain. 

I will ask him to make a portrait of Buhari tomorrow"

See  photo of portraits below:

Cute or nay?

Whatever your thoughts are,  let's know, comment your view below and do not forget to share. 

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