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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

If you earn 50 thousand a month do not marry--Nigerian man advises.

Everyday on social media,  things trend,  ideas emerge.

The young man in the picture below had erred his view and stand on qualities needed before marriage can take place. 

He made the post on facebook yesterday, and it attracted slot of reactions,  many against his advice. see his post and some comments below:

"What if you earn 500k a month and marry.. Later dem sack you and you now earn 50k. You go divorce your wife be that.. This is no talk jare. You can start with little or nothing and later God bless you yanfu yanfu.. The issue na prospect and foresight. Know where you are going. This society now is money crazy.. Everything moni moni moni."

"Hahahaha. What a bad advise??? Marry if you are mature for marriage. Money doesn't sustain marriage but love and God's help."

"It's just a pity that some ladies are in support of this wrong advice, if it's 1# i mean one naira, you are legitimately earning and God blesses it, it's more than a million naira. So be wised Mr. Adviser."

"My dear, most of these civil servant your seeing especially those at state level, their salary is not up to 50,000 monthly...... I mean graduates not entry level and most of them get married and still training their children.
It is all about learning how to manage.

"this absolutely nonsense.... graduates are struggle to see 30k job u are there talking nonsense. how much is minimum wage in Nigeria"

So let's know your view on this. 

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