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Monday, October 8, 2018

INTERESTING: See What your birth month says about your attitude

Is this true about you?
What is your birthday month.

*January:* You can't keep a secret and love gossip but don't want to be gossiped.
*February:* You have small temper and get angry quick. Loving, caring and quick to forgive and forget.
*March:* They don't give up easily in a relationship. Even if you hurt them they keep on forgiving.
*April:* They love sex a lot and they are always watching porn on pornhub they love downloading free porn on youtube
*May:* They cheat a lot. They put lock pattern and passwords on their phones. They never post picture of their partner on Facebook because they have many.
*June:* They are very much loyal to their partners. They are full of love.
*July:* They love money. If you don't have money you must forget about being their friend or dating them. Gold diggers are born in July.
*August:* They are stalkers, they don't put status update on Facebook and Whatsapp but they are always online checking status updates of others.
*September:* Lol they were made in December when their parents were drunk and having fun. That is why they are crazy characters... There was alcohol in the sperms that made them.
*October:* They love alcohol too much. They are the first to arrive at a party or tartan and the last to leave.
*November:* They love arguments, even in the relationships they are always arguing for nothing. They love solving problems which are not there.
*December:* They think they are smart and they love English. They think they come from Brooklyn New York but they are from rural villages...
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