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Monday, October 15, 2018

Man catches his wife in bed with his cousin!

"I thought I have found peace, love,  support,  trust,  and loyalty with the woman I choose as my wife. 

Adora(not real name) was my first and only love,  being a shy person,  I hardly talk to women , approaching a lady was a nut case.
She walked up to me that faithful morning during our evening lecture And asked me to be her friend,  oh it was a dream come true for me!

fast forward to this day, I walked into the room and there was my only in bed with my cousin. My own cousin,  a boy m 5 years older than,  oh!  My heart often my cheat,  my brain tore apart,  our son was in school,  and it's her 31st birthday,  I decided to skip business since she was off work that day,  I thought to my self,  she needs something sweet for her day. 

I never knew I would work into the worst night mare of my life,  she felt no remorse,  not a shrink , she said to my face "I dated him long before you,  he begged me to expose to knowing what it feels to have a woman in your life,  begged me to marry,  that he would do the work,  you were not getting any younger,  he pitied your sorry state,  we helped you have a son,  you think,  I let your spending grow me some babies?  No,  he did the job,  I tweeted your efforts,  it's him I always loved not you"

My cousin was on his knees begging and pricking her to keep quiet,  while she went on and on,  I broke down in tears,  I trained him in school,  gave her all she needed,  I enrolled in school late in life,  I had to hustle to make money first it,  while I turned 42 before I married her when she was 28, my cousin is yet to marry cos he has no job,  and I let him squat in my house every 3 months he comes to the city from our village.

 my life is shattered,  how do I tell my son,  I am not his real father, how do I tell a 3 year old,  that his mom played me? "

Your comments would help this man in every way possible. 

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