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Thursday, October 11, 2018

MUST READ: Read things you need to know about Sex

       Even when the sex is consistently great, sometimes woman just want to be held, shown attention and listened to attentively making them feel completely secure… 

Sometimes a soft peck on the lips or forehead with hands running through her hair as you pull her closer or squeeze tighter makes her feel like there’s no better place to be…
Sometimes randomly bringing home her favorite popcorn, shawama, chocolate, ice cream or pack of gum creates a smile you couldn’t have imagine…Having her preferred wine, juice or drink of choice in the fridge shows you care about her and it’s not about you!

Meaning – It’s not always about sex or spending plenty of money to truly please a woman because a good woman appreciates the tiniest details, thoughtfulness and consideration. 
     Take the time to really get to know her, her likes and dislikes so she feels special and understands how much she means to you!

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