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Monday, October 22, 2018

New picture reveals Davidos chef Chioma is pregnant?

Davido's beautiful lover,  assurance and chef chinos,  has left fans in awwh with her new photos.

The pretty lady dropped new photos of her on her instagram handle that left many dazzled and tongues wagging. 
while most fans thought she looked astonishing and exquisite, others told her she looks worn out and pregnant,  some said its her photographer, some say her face touch-up was a no no. 
well what do you think? 

Below are photos of reactions from her fans:
read how she replied one who thought her make up was not nice,  nor the dressing, 

Starting that she Is a "big fine"

Chioma sacarstically asked "you are a big what?. "

Apparently the concerned fan wanted writing "big fan"

Lol,! Things we see on social media everyday though. 

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