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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

OMG: Couple gave birth to a baby boy with no skull, doctors are shocked as he survived.

A little boy born with no skull has defied the odds of doctors who said he wouldn’t survive outside the womb to celebrate his first birthday.
Owen Masterson turned one last month, despite predictions he would die shortly after being born without any type of bone above his ears or eyebrows.
His parents Tom and Jessie Masterson were advised to terminate the pregnancy, but chose not to for religious reasons, and were overjoyed when Owen was born alive and kicking.
Doctors warned Owen Masterson was unlikely to survive for more than a few hours after being born with no skull. Last month he celebrated his first birthday (Picture: On Angels’ Wings/Facebook)
The youngster has Acalvaria, a very rare condition whose sufferers brains are only protected by a layer of skin.
Only around 10 babies have survived for more than a few hours after being born with it.
Owen cannot move around, and does not like wearing any type of helmet or head protection.
But despite the severity of Owen’s condition, his mom and dad say the toddler is ‘perfect from his neck down,’ and that his brain is developing.
Doctors have told them that he can see things if they are up close.
Owen pictured with his parents and two year-old sister Ryleigh (Picture: Tom Masterson/Facebook)
Owen is also able to smile and laugh when he is happy.
Owen’s dad Tom told the Springfield News-Leader: ‘We don’t view this as some tragic accident that is just awful.
‘For whatever reason, this is what we get to walk through and experience.
‘This is a season of life that we are going to get to be experiencing right now. Life is just full of that.’
Tom, an assistant school principal, recalled how he passed out on first hearing that his unborn son did not have a skull.
He and Jessie accept that they do not know what Owen’s long term prospects are.
But the couple, who are also parents to an adopted two year-old girl, say that doctors now refuse to offer a prognosis after Owen’s life expectancy far exceeded their expectations.
Jessica, who works as a speech therapist added added: ‘It’s definitely challenging, but I wouldn’t change him.
‘I love him the way he is.’
A post on Facebook group On Angels’ Wings, which takes free photos of terminally ill children, read: ‘Doctors said he wouldn’t live a day, but here sweet Owen is – the brave little warrior – now a year old!
‘He’s a miracle and defying all the odds. OAW is honored to be a part of his journey!’
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