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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

OMG : longest birthday speech ever written, Nigerian man shares story of life in an emotional 41st birthday tribute, bet it's the longest you ever read.

a man has shared his dads heroic deeds to celebrate his 41st birthday. 

His birthday note is the longest you might have ever read,  so emotional and heartwarming,  read below.:

Today is my birthday, I am 41 today. 

Today marks probably the beginning of the 2nd half of my life if I am blessed to live up to 80 or just like my dad and grand dad, to pass away to the other side at 67 or 68. 

I probably have 28 more years to live. It’s very important to be an optimist but you must be very realistic with your optimism else you chase after fantasies. 

This Life is called prelife and death is the completion of our prelife examination. To value eternal life you must understand death and come to accept it. Only then do you live each day as a gift and focus on adding value as a giver rather than taking. 

I was born into a Muslim family and I grew up to pray like a Muslim and studied the Quran. I gave my life to Christ from age 11 and suffered a great deal for being a Christian because my dad had a disdain and serious dislike for Christianity in Nigeria. He felt they were hypocrites and exploited people for money.

The love of a father and the need to protect his son can turn into a violent outrage especially when you find out that your son has been sneaking out to church all this time when he is sent to go and buy pepper or grand beans for moimoi on a Sunday morning and he feels that the very institution he feels are taking advantage of people are now taking advantage of his son.

Today I realise my father had great love for me and never wanted me to be a victim of brain washers. 

I will never forget the day my dad rammed his car into the gate of the church I worshipped at warning them to leave his son alone.

Or the day he camped out all night  to catch idol worshippers putting what we call “Ebo”(sacrifice for the gods) in the middle of the road, beat the living day light out of them and warned them never to do such in our area.

Or the day he rallied round to kick the Chinese out of Magodo bc they were buying up houses and jam packing one house with over 50 Chinese people living there.

Or the day he risk his life to save our direct neighbour from assassination as the assassins waited for our neighbour to drive up to his gate, before parading his car with bullets from an AK47. My dad ordered the gate man to open the gate to our house, he got in his car, drove out and in full speed rammed his car into our neighbours car and forced the victims car into the nearby Forrest where he got out, pulled our neighbour out of the bullet ridden car and saved him. He was rushed to the hospital and he survived. You should have seen the bullet holes in his arms and legs. My dad was free of bullet holes.

I cannot forget the day the new car he got from Wamco where is was the general manager was stolen from him in day light and the robbers grabbed him, in the middle of the express way, they were contemplating whether to shoot him and throw him out when one of the robbers said, “me I no dey that one o! This man don help many people and if you kill an God go punish us o just throw way am for express” 

My dad was found walking back home on the express road, we had no mobile phones then. The police who had been called finally found him.

I also cannot forget the day my dad was given a large sum of money in millions of naira then, enough to set him up for life but the money was given as a grant to develop an area of choosing. My dad went to Bida, his home town and built roads, provided clean drinking water in Bida, Niger state, they offered to make him a chief he refused and he spent every dime including some of his own money. The area was named after him. He would go for days and my mum would start crying on the street thinking my dad was dead because in those days travelling from Lagos to Niger state by road was deemed suicide. 

When I finished uni, I couldn’t get a job and I decided to run a business, I got into debts as high as £70,000 at age 24 and my dad sold all his shares and assets to come and pay them off for me, then washed his hands off saving me and said I have done my bit as a father for you now. You have to become a man. 

My youngest sister shouldn’t be alive today. She had twins and if she had given birth in Nigeria she would have most certainly died as she didn’t have the body mass to deliver twins. She became skinnier and skinnier the more those babies grew in her and by the time it was time for her to give birth she literally had very little in her. My dad once again, at this time retired went and sold his asset to fly her to the US and deliver her kids. We were hit with a $100+ medical bill, with the help of God that bill is now zero and my dad had 4 good years to play with his grandchildren as they spent their early lives in Nigeria before my sister and her husband  moved to Canada a month before my dad passed away.

I can go on and on but you get my drift. A man with such a big heart, a man of integrity, whose yes is yes and his no is no. A man who put his family first, never joked with them, was a father to many and always ready to help anyone. 

I was always at war with my dad, it was only lately I became very close to him, he had become my business partner and without him DBT Nigeria, Digital Landlord, our acre of land in Sangotedo, our two houses in Lekki as Digital Landlord investors would never have been possible. As a man of integrity he kept on telling me: “These digital landlord investors are people with families who have trusted you with their money. Make sure you protect their investment like your life depends on it and more importantly never ever try to be smart. Being smart is being fair and giving more than you receive that they may trust you and give you more. You don’t need to be the average Nigerian who seeks to benefit only himself and take people for granted. Nigeria is where it is today not because of colonisation but because of the heart of Nigerians. Nigerians are the ones leading Nigerians”

I saw my dad cry twice in my life time.

The first time was when after scolding me non stop for stealing and he realised the beating was not working, I was age 6-7  I think, he sat me down and had a talk with me crying and explaining to me why stealing was bad and that he didn’t raise a thief. I never stole a dime ever again in my life. Even when I was given my school fees to pay and till this day I have no idea what happened to that money and I could have sworn I paid it, my teacher told my dad: “sir don’t worry he spent it many kids do it” 

My dad turned to him and said not my son. He is no thief and he didn’t spend it. We got in the car and he said, Keji I know you lost that money and I will scold you  for being careless but not a thief. I cried telling him I could swear I paid it and he said don’t worry it’s only money. It comes and it goes, it’s only paper, never cry over paper. 

The second time he cried was about 5-7 yrs ago, can’t remember the exact time when he came as usual with my mum to visit my sister and I in London and he got a call that: “ Mr Giwa is everything ok, we have sent the money you asked for”

He said what money, when the calls started coming in with people repeating the same thing and they now said, they got the email saying he was stranded and he needed them to send xyz amount of money, people started sending it in their 100s bc they knew my dad to be a dad of integrity and a man who would do anything for them. 

Immediately I knew my dad’s email had been hacked by those evil yahoo yahoo boys and we requested to close the email account down as my dad could no longer log in to go yahoo email. That was the day I created him a gmail account. Immediately I saw my own dad break down crying saying “ Keji this is my name and they are spoiling it, I never asked anyone for Money. I will never do that if I am dying” 

Truth be told my dad never owned anyone and refused to beg anyone. He lives within his limits and was proud of the little he had. Unlike many who buy properties with no one to live in them, my dad only wanted a family house to leave for his children and grand children. He wanted nothing more. He was proud of his family home and enjoyed his consultancy and training business as a retired man. He was a simple honest and selfless man who prayed every single day without fail. The day he died, he got his stomach ache while he was praying. 

Now I want you to tell me, where this man will go? Hell or Heaven?

I write this long epistle because I want you all to see thatin this life, the money we are chasing is irrelevant, I know that now more than ever. What matters most is what we leave behind for our immediate family, how we treat people who are less fortunate as we are and our relationship with God whether we are Muslims or Christians or Hindu, Jewish or what ever denomination man has discovered as our own way of worshipping God.

Today I do not call myself a Christian or a Muslim or any religious denomination because I have come to realise that Jesus Christ was never a Christian and Christianity only came into existence almost 1000 yrs after Jesus died. 

I believe in Jesus and follow the two most important laws that completes all laws: love your God with all your heart and love your neighbour as yourself. If we all did this there will be peace and no one will lack. This is enough for me to believe.

I don’t care what you do or how you worship God, as long as you follow those two laws, it’s your heart God looks at and not what some men came up with to control humanity. 

It is important for us to seek knowledge as God said, my people perish for lack of knowledge. 

It is even more important to gain understanding and fear God because the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

I still read my bible and I still go to Church but I refuse to judge others bc they worship God differently so as a result I choose to be a man of God rather than belong to a denomination. 

So as I said, I may only have 28 more yrs to live and everything I do now matters more than ever. 

I will not lie to you nor will I lead you astray. As my father worked so hard to do, I have tried my best to add value and change lives for the best but unlike my father, I have done it to earn a bit of profit. Not too much but at an affordable rate for those I charge.

I always seek to give more than I take. I not sure I can ever measure up to my father’s success as a giver but I will try my best according to how God directs me. 

The first DBT Awards in 2014, I used my own money to pay for everyone and I mean everyone. Over 200 people. Not one person paid towards it and why did I do that? 

Because I wanted to celebrate your success and reward your hard work. 

The next three we asked that you pay towards it and I covered close to 50% of it. 

Why? Because it was not sustainable paying it all myself each year. The award is held each year to celebrate your success and reward Your excellence. To inspire those who have not gotten their success story yet that they can and will be celebrated. To give them hope of a better life and to show the world that DBT is a reputable company doing extraordinary things for the ethic minority in UK. To give us credibility and relevance. 

The last two years my dad and mum attended them as proud parents, the first one my dad attended and those of you who were there would remember this, my dad had been ill with a back pain and he would wake up in the middle of the night in serious pain, we wanted to take him to the hospital and this man refused to go until he attended the awards. He was like if I will die let me die at the awards.  He was finally enjoying his life and once again coming to spend 3-4 mths with me telling everyone he is going to London to spend time with his kids and grandchildren. He would joke about eating home cooked meal at my sister’s and then fine dining with me as my sister is married with kids and I being a single man would always take them out to the best restaurants. I remember him taking long walks around my area, him enjoying the scenery waking up to find him cleaning my house or cooking with my mum. This year was to be a year where I really took time to bond with my mum and dad and actually spoil him at this year’s awards. 

If your parents are still alive or one of them is still alive I beg you please spend time with them. Let them know you truly love them. I don’t think I did that enough for my dad. Three weeks before he died he sent me a text message saying he didn’t just want a father son relationship he wanted a friend he could confide in. I was too busy to do that for him. This is now my burden.

However there is one thing I can do with the remaining years I have left and that is to look after my mum and sisters, settle down, be the man my father wanted me to be that he longed to see and be a giver. Give way more than I take and if possible give without taking at all. 

I want you all to know that I have an open door policy here and you can contact me any time in regards to anything. It’s not just about your career but about you as a whole. I want us all to treat each other as a family. Some of us may not be there right now because some may be so self centred  and focussed only on themselves and that’s fine, that’s where they are right now but that may not be where they are tomorrow. 

We must never judge anyone because they don’t see things the way we do, I have been guilty of that many times over and that stops today. 

If only we can become my brothers keeper and look out for each other as George does, as Femi does, as Bunmi does, as Caroline does, as Oludare does, as many others do, this platform will not only help you secure your success story but help you secure your future. 

This year 2018 is the 5th year anniversary of the DBT Awards and I want it to not only be about celebrating your success and rewarding excellence, I want it to now become an empowerment event. An event that accelerates your success and secured your future and this is why I am doing everything possible to make this possible. 

I have contacted all of my mentors, my networks because your networth is determined by the networth of your network and if I can extend that to you I believe you will be no more than 1-2 people away from your destiny connector. 

I will endeavour to make sure all alumni’s are there, those who choose to come and become givers. This way you can network and connect but more importantly I aim to impress the leaders in the Digital age  today, the investors in successful corporations and the CEO or larger corporations. 

Why? Because iron sharpens iron. When footmen begin to run with horsemen they have no choice than to get s horse to keep up. And this is what is going to happen on the 8th of December 2018.

Awards will be digitally focussed
- best data analyst 
- best digital product manager 
- best digital pm 
- best digital BA 
- best scrum master 
- best business intelligence analyst 
- best digital content manager 
- best digital marketing manager 

We will showcase our projects for these investors to see and show them what we are made of. 

We will talk digital, be all about the digital age and how we aim to transform Africa and suddenly they will realise that they did not respond to attend our of pity for us but came to see an opportunity they never imagined was possible.

Suddenly they will look around and realise that they are looking at the future of works and the next people who will make them more millions or work for one of their new companies they just invested in.

You will come on stage and talk about your digital projects and the impacts its benefits. 

DMI will look in amazement and tell themselves they must work closer with us and empower us more.

The investors will speak to the directors of their companies ask them to recruit directly from us asking for Mr or Mrs or Miss so so and so.

A floodgate of opportunities will open for us and finally we will be a force to reckon with. We would have laid the foundation for career and financial success for not just us but our future generations and that day will mark the beginning of our progressive success IJN.

If I drop dead after the awards I will know I have fulfilled my part in life however just like my father I would like to settle down and have my own children if it be God’s will. 

What am I proud of right now? 

The fact that while I have been away, others have kept the flag flying and acted as if I never left. 

Caroline, Femi, George, Sandra, Oludare, Ola and many more have taken DBT as their own and made it their responsibility to keep empowering you all. 

Let’s celebrate them at this year’s DBT Awards. Let’s celebrate you at this year’s DBT Awards and more importantly let’s pave way for progressive progression not just for us but for our generations  to come. I will see you all at tonight’s session at 8pm 

My prayer for you all is that each and everyone single one of you will experience your success story  this year and it will not be the last but the least of your success stories.

I pray to the same God that created heaven and earth, the same God that breath life into you and I, the same God that knew you before you were born, the same God that has a plan for you. A plan to prosper you, to give you hope and a future that you may turn to him and worship him, I pray this same God will make way for you where there seems to be no way.

This same God will make a No a Yes, will turn an application into a job offer, will turn an average salary into the highest salary, will enable you to more than over provide for your family. 

This same God will give you a reason to smile everyday and keep you in perfect peace and harmony. 

Today God is saying to you, I have heard your prayers, now watch me answer them.

In all we do from today until the end of 2018, we will give God thanks. 

May God bless you all and I tell you one thing, the best present a man can receive is at midnight seeing people compete to be the first to wish you happy birthday. 

We’ve had our ups and downs, I have not always understood your point of view and you most times not mine as my father would say, treat with caution and patience but the truth is you have stuck by me and stayed loyal. There will be no Career Insights or DBT without you and for this I have an even bigger surprise for all of you. One I believe will right all wrongs and put permanent smiles on your faces.

God bless you all and see you tonight at 8pm for another empowering and life changing session"
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