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Saturday, October 27, 2018

OMG:against all odds, lady has overcome domestic violence, after ex boyfriend bit off her lower lip, WARNING:graphic photos!!

Notice!!!  The man in the picture is her new found love:.

A 23 years old Seth Aaron Fleury has been sentenced to 12 years in prison after pleading guilty to assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature.

 He bit off the lips of  his now ex girlfriend, Kayla Hayes. 

The acused admitted in court to biting off Kayla's lip when she refused to kiss him after telling him she did not want to continue with the relationship.

While creating awareness of her ordeal she said :

"This was the day that a piece of me died.

Sitting in a puddle of my own blood with the majority of my lip laying on my leg, my whole mouth on fire, confused and terrified, I didn’t know how I could ever show my face again. At that point, wishing that those very seconds would just be my last— I wanted to give up for good."

It was further reported that Seth had always abused her physically for the period of almost one year they have been dating before he finally bit off her lips,  when she called off the relationship,  

The domestic violence continued, but the last straw that made Kayla Hayes who is aged 19, seek help was when he bit off her lower lip because he suspected her of cheating on him. 

Hayes, 19, is still recovering  from the intense physical and mental wounds inflicted on her that horrific night on October 21, 2017. 
For about a year, she  has been haunted by the abuse she suffered at the hands of her ex-boyfriend but has bravely opened up about what she went through in the hope she can inspire others to seek help if they are victims of domestic violence.

On June 22 she made this post below on her facebook page,  to warn young girls who might be going through same:

"To the next girl..

One day you’re feeling safe in your relationship. Feeling like you’re content and “happy”.

Next thing you know you’ve been cheated on and you’re being begged for forgiveness. You give it.

Because of course he was “just drunk” and didn’t know what he was doing..

What comes after forgiving?

He pushes to see what the next extreme he can hit is..

Next thing you know it’s a black eye, busted nose and lip..

What does he do? He begs and cries for forgiveness. He doesn’t want to get in trouble.. swears he didn’t mean to .. but he knew what he was doing.. but you give it.

You agree to make up a lie saying that it was someone else there and swear to him you won’t tell the truth so no one thinks bad on him.

What happens next?

Does it get better?

.. no. It will never get better.

You continually get pushed past the limits and you’re afraid to get out.

What happens when you gain the courage to get out?

Another black eye.

He begs and begs again.. and at this point you’re afraid, once again.

So you stick it out a for a bit longer.. having being pushed only so much further until finally you break and you KNOW you need out.

So you cut ties and he burns bridges.

What’s next? Blocking? No trespassing? Or even a restraining order? 

Will this really help anything for someone who can’t take rejection? Who can’t accept the fact that he lost complete control over you?

The answer is no.

Matters only get worse.

.. a month and such go by..

You think all may have simmered down so you just check in to see if there’s anything of his that he may want back before tossing it all out ..

You get the understanding that he’s changed and things have gotten better with him. (Atleast you want to give him the chance to prove this). Make his wrongs- right.

That he got over being mad and he wants to see you because he’s “going into the navy” ..

So you agree. Agree to give him the chance to redeem himself in the fact of being a better person and believing that he is sorry ..

WRONG. sweetheart.. people like this don’t change.

They just know how to work you and manipulate.

In ELEVEN months.. cheating turned to black eyes, a busted nose and lip, and more black eyes.. and what did that turn into??

That turns into being rushed into plastic surgery.. missing 85% of your lip.. if not worse.

All because he couldn’t stand seeing you happy without him..

The physical scars hurt but I can promise you that the ones internally, only hurt worse.

With this being said I pray for you. I pray you see this and I pray that you don’t believe that all the ex’s were just “crazy” ... because to be honest, I believed it. I believed every word I was told. Thinking now, when it’s every single girl.. you have to see that there’s an issue.. you have to know all sides of a story.. you have to know that people don’t change. You have to know that you can’t let someone get in your head, control you, manipulate you, try to tear you from everything you love, hurt you, cheat, etc.

I hesitate posting this but I feel that it needs to be said.. I can’t sit back and watch someone get hurt worse than the damage already done. If you see this, you NEED to do what’s best for you and see your worth. See you are so much more. See that you deserve the world.

It is so easy to believe a good talker..they will try to make you believe that they are the victim.. like they do no wrong.. But believe the evidence.. scars that don’t lie like a mouth can..

These pics are from before, during and even after the relationship.. don’t let this happen to you.

Letting someone take your happiness, confidence and honestly losing yourself over them.. is NOT worth it.

I never in a million years would have believed something so horrid or so evil could happen and especially not to me.. but that’s what people fail to see. It can happen to anyone. In the blink of an eye you can land in the biggest nightmare. But that’s what leads me to say this..

.. if you’ve been in, are in, or fall in this situation please remember.. NOTHING is your fault. You should NEVER be treated less than how you know you should be treated. There’s so much more out there for you.. don’t lose hope."

Speak up ladies,  do not stick to that phrase "he will change" or succumb to his everyday " am sorry"  you might end up not being lucky, it could be your end. 

Cases of death due to domestic violence is rising by the day. 


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