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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

MUST READ: 20th March, worst day of my life, story of a pastors leaked s*x tape.

The story of a pastor who leaked a s*x video of himself and his fiancee,has been a follow up gist for our source,  she uploaded including the video of where the pastor agreed to the fact that he did release the videos,  contrary to claims that he knew nothing of it, read the genesis of it all below:

"Remember that Pastor whose sex tape was trending and I was begging that we should not share? Contrary to claims that a phone repairer released it. Turns out that he is the one that leaked the videos himself because he wanted to force the girl to continue in his very abusive relationship with him. She has spoken. 👇
Copied from Arewa Ade Nike

I met Apostle Chris Kevwe Omatsola, an author, the founder and presiding pastor of Zionwealth of Life Assembly (Zola) in Lekki, Lagos and we started dating in February 2018. It quickly escalated to become a sexual relationship and when we had sex the first time, he told me he was human to have such feelings inspite of the fact that he was a pastor and because he was madly in love with me, we should make it right by getting married. I was in love and was ready to do anything for him. We continued our romance and one of the things we did together was recording videos and taking pictures of our intimacy.

I informed my mum about a guy coming for my hand in marriage and she said was going to pray about it. Everything was rosy until he became violent and constantly beat me up till I bled (I have pictures of my bruises). He came begging after each episode and I forgave him because I thought I was in love. The vicious cycle continued (He would beat me, come back pleading, and I would accept him back).

Fast forward to late July, there was no response from my mum about bringing him to her as my intended spouse. I was also beginning to develop cold feet about the relationship as the violence increased. He was very temperamental and we had series of altercations which eventually degenerated to more beatings. In August, I called off the relationship and I was surprised he accepted it in good faith initially given his penchant for violence. We agreed to remain friends, but he just wouldn’t let go...crying, begging and prostrating on many occasions.

Sometime in August, he asked that we meet up to talk on platonic grounds. After sometime during the meeting, he got really hostile with me upon realizing that I had moved on and wasn’t interested in making out with him. He also refused to drop me off at home. He beat me up, seized my phone, forced me to unlock it and retrieved a lot of contacts from it just to track who I was seeing. That was the final straw for me so I never saw him again till September when he showed up at my place, crying and begging. I refused to fall for his tricks this time and there was no further communication from both sides till sometime early October when he apologized yet again for all what he did.

On the 13th of October, he contacted me with an anonymous number via WhatsApp with pictures, videos and threat messages saying if I didn’t come back to him he was going to release everything. I profusely pleaded with him and also called everyone I knew to help beg him. A family friend called him and he promised he wasn’t going to release them, that he was just angry with me, he was trying to get my attention and hopefully win me back. I was calm after hearing this about 12noon that day.

Shockingly, at about 7pm that same day, I started getting calls from all my contacts about my nudes (pictures and videos) circulating all over the internet. A strange number also sent them to me via friends, my family and everyone on my contact list (recall he forcefully got the contacts from me in August). He even sent them to the same family friend who had earlier called to plead with him!

He was arrested the next day and didn’t deny posting the pictures and videos (there is a recording to this effect). According to him, he activated WhatsApp on someone's number (a former girlfriend of his) and used the number to send the pictures and videos to my contacts and his church WhatsApp group. This went viral in a matter of minutes. Before he was arrested, a distraught me contacted him to ask why he eventually released them after he had promised not to. He said that now that my pictures and videos were out there, no man would want to look my way again, that it was best we got married and informed the world that we are a couple and its our business.

After the arrest, in the presence of his Dad, he yet again confessed to releasing the pictures and videos himself and admitted he was wrong. He apologized to myself, my family, his family and the general public. This was recorded 19th October 2018 and I am in possession of this video. He even accepted to pay for damages. We accepted his apology and thought we had laid this to rest.

We woke up Sunday morning (28th October 2018) only to discover that he had released yet another video, recanted his previous apology and claimed that the recording of the nudes and pictures happened when he was an unbeliever in the world. He even shed crocodile tears during the recording to make him appear like he was the victim. Chris and I started dating in February 2018 and the recording of nudes was done during the relationship (Feb 2018 - Aug 2018). There are currently posts from his church blog on the internet dated as far back as December 16th 2014 (…/zola-raising-zolite-army.…) which is proof that the church had been in existence for some time. So how could we have recorded the videos when he was in the world, when we only met and started dating February this year and he had been a pastor long before we met? When exactly was he in the world???

I was wrong to have been involved in premarital sex with a pastor. I was wrong to have allowed him persuade me to record our intimate moments. I was wrong to have continued dating a violent man. I have been having sleepless nights thinking about the consequences of all I did and wondering how to get past this, how to move on. My family and friends see me differently. A lot of people look at me and whisper when they see me pass. I have been fielding questions from my colleagues. I hope that this will pass soon.

Apostle Chris Kevwe Omatsola is an unremorseful vengeful liar and a psychopath who will not stop until he destroys me and I have no clue what he wants from me. My only offence is that I refused to continue to be abused physically, verbally and emotionally and called off our violent relationship. I moved houses when he started stalking me and he still managed to locate my new place. I have waived anonymity and come out to refute all his lies. I fear for my life and that of my family and friends who are supporting me. I feel helpless and vulnerable and I don’t know what his next move will be."

Read more:

"Now watch the 2 videos of the Pastor, where he confesses to doing the recording/asking for forgiveness and the second one he also recorded claiming that it happened many years ago when in actual fact it happened this year. E still dey lie on top the matter. He has tried to destroy the life of this young lady by what he did. I suggest she sues him! 9 months in prison will stop others from trying this kinda shit next time.

2 days ago a man called a radio station claiming that married women have been sending their nudes to him and tell him to delete after which he never does. Some he requests for and others send to him unsolicited. He said he has slept with 3 of these women and most of the nudes are recorded right in the bedrooms they share with their husbands. His wife stumbled on them and he has not been the same.

WOMEN! Grow sense! If shit hits the fan you are the casualty!
Love with sense! Don't even send your nudes to your own husband! Let this lovely young girls experience be a lesson for all.

I pray that GOD heals her and that she will know that she is still loved by GOD. This too shall pass.

Thank God for GOD!"

Although last night,  a new version of the story has emerged,  though many believe that the new story is untrue. 


"A new angle to the pastor and the young lady from Izuegbulam Chichi. I however do not believe this version. A lot of things are unreal in it. A woman in Nigeria today will post her nude videos online for money? She will forget her father, mother,  friends, neighbours and coworkers for money? Why did the pastor confess in a video? Was he under duress? By who then? Its complicated. See the new version but remember that he held the phone. He stared at the camera all through smiling he recorded it not the girl! What do you think? 

Princess Okpewho, The Delilah of our time

Dear Princess Okpewho,

After your sex tape with Apostle Chris  leaked. I felt sorry for you and hoped you were ok. Little did I know I was giving sympathy to the demon herself.

After leaking your video with Apostle Chris, you went straight to his house with police to arrest him claiming he leaked it and you wanted 200million for damages and when the police laughed at your demand, you added that he beats you. Photo you showed was the one which you clearly had boil under your eye. 

I have asked this question and even asked you same thing. What did Apostle Chris do to deserve this evil your pouring into him? You still have not and could not answer that question. 

You met Apostle Chris and all he did was to shower you with so much love that in the worlds eyes we call it “stupidity”. He trusted you with everything he had. You even had access to his social media accounts which you deleted because after you shared the video, many girls started contacting him and telling him they wanted a piece of what you enjoyed. 

At first, you leaked the first video you recorded which was for your friends which you were saying “go get a man like mine” while he was hitting it from behind.  You felt that didn’t work well and you went ahead and released more. 

Bottom line, you did all this to milk him dry. Granted you were able to get 1million as settlement because this man Chris loves you and didn’t want anything to escalate. He agreed to the terms even agreeing he leaked the video just for peace to reign. 

When you came to my inbox, I was willing to help you. But after going back to read my chats with you and did some more digging on you. Only to find out that you are nothing but Delilah and a gold digger. I suggested to you that the Sex video can not fetch you anything more than 1 million but  abuse would have gotten you a lot more. You quickly agreed to it and I told you I will come up with an idea. Now you have run to another blogger to sell the same “abuse story” I suggested to you which I have proof of in our chat.  I decided not to go with with the plans because from my investigation on you, you are nothing but a GOLD DIGGER a LIAR and a CHEAT. 

You succeeded in destroying his person and got 1million, yet you were not satisfied but wanted more. Why are you so filled with evil? He picked you up. Took care of you and your family. You are the reason you both broke up because of your serial cheating lifestyle (Esosa, Benji, Obinna, etc I have all the names of the men you milk dry) and even when he felt what you both are doing is wrong, because you know he has a strong weakness for you. You still from time will go and seduce him for more sex. (Your black anaconda)

I have full details and proof of your nasty story and the sooner you drop this drama and walk away with the 1million you will NEVER get, the better for you. The MTN you used in leaking the video was from you which I have. The fake chat you created to accuse him I have as proof as well. I have all the videos of your nastiness. You have broken him and still want to milk him more. How low can you go? Are you not tired? This one you have sucked dry move on to another man. 

But really, what do you stand to gain in all this? Change your ways. Are you not supposed to be 24 years as you claimed to him? I’m surprised he fell for your fake age as well. 

I guess love is truly blind 

Below is a clip from my chat suggestion I gave you. I threw a cheap bone at you and you fell for it which you are now selling it to blogs."

Things we read on social media everyday though!!! 

This is worth sharing. 

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