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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Pretty 17 year old girl shot dead, by her ex obsessive boyfriend.

A young lady of 17 identified as Lashonda childs on facebook has been reported dead,  she was killed by her obsessive ex boyfriend. 

Lashonda started getting worried when she found out Trandell was 28 and not, 20 like he told her earlier. 

The young man Trandell Godwin has been arrested,  by the police after he short the young girl on Tuesday after in Ohio by a shop avenue United States. 

The young lady,  had made,posts of fear from his assaults.
it was gathered that,  the killer,  had during January,  February, bitten the 17 year old so hard till she's bled,  after she started showing discontent over his age lies, this was confirmed by Nina, victims mother,  she also confirmed that both startrd dating September last year. 

She explained that he would  steal the deceased phone,  and call to harass her and the family as well. 

She also explained he was a guy,  who could call up-to 70 times  or more a day. 

She further reavealed
Even after the break up, Trandell always reached out to Lashonda.
Victims brother, Jaylon child's further said  " she was really in the process of leaving"
Victims mom,  said the deceased filed for a protection order,  but never got it, because Godwin kept avoiding it. 

Below, is the victims post on her fear:

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