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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

READ: best way to charge our phones, we've been doing it the wrong way.

We all always tend to plugging our phones in to charge them up next to our beds before we go to sleep every night.
It helps make sure you wake up with your device ready to go and especially one which will last us throughout the day, or until lunch-time depending on how many apps we have installed in our mobile phones.
But, to be precise, that is not the right way to charge your phone and help its battery life last.

A company that offers devices that test smartphone and other batteries, by the name CANDAX, runs a free educational website called Battery University .
As spotted by BusinessInsider , it offers a host of tips for prolonging the life of your phone.
Don't let your phone run out before you plug it in
We're often told that you should fully deplete your battery before you charge it right back up again.
Again, this isn't ideal.
According to the experts, a "deep-discharge" where you run it down to a fraction of its power is actually bad for batteries and will wear them out quicker.
So avoid the red warning if at all possible.
Charge your phone little and often
We're all used to plugging in our mobiles for the long, overnight charge.
But it turns out that juicing up frequently and in small doses might actually be the best option for your battery's health.

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