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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Read how husband and wife ripped a baby from a womans womb after tying her to a tree!

The unfortunate has happened! 

A husband and wife have forcefully ripped  a baby from a pregnant woman's womb they tied her to  a tree and tearing her open with a knife.

The deceased victim Mara Cristiana da Silva,  age 23, was eight months pregnant when she fell a  victim of the inhumane attack. 

Her body  was discovered  yesterday in woodland near Joao Pinheiro, southeast Brazil .

The woman alleged  to have murdered her, name Angelina Rodrigues, "always dreamed of having a baby girl" according to a relative.

Based on reports, doctors at the local Sao Lucas hospital had informed the  police on Monday after Rodrigues arrived with a newborn baby claiming she had just given birth.

Staff started suspecting her after seeing that the ''agitated'' woman of 40 was walking normally and  refused  to undergo medical checks.

After the  discovery of Ms Da Silva's body yesterday police arrested Rodrigues, along with her husband Roberto Gomes da Silva.

Reports from the police stated that, accused later confessed to getting the woman drunk before tying her to a tree with metal wire and cutting the baby from her womb.

The police station in south east Brazil where the couple confessed to the dastardly  attack on 23 year old Mara.

Accused insisted  in her confession that her husband Gomes da Silva didn't participate in the crime, police doubted that she could have committed the act alone, according to a spokesman.

In his words ''We believe that the husband and a third person took part, but all this will depend on a police investigation.

Tests show that Angelina isn't pregnant and we believe the crime was premeditated."

The victim's aunt, Euza Ribeiro, told Brazil's G1 website that Ferreira became close to Ms Da Silva after discovering that she was pregnant with a girl.

She explained that: 

''The woman always dreamed of having a baby girl, and when she saw that my niece was pregnant she began to offer help. She lent her money to have her ultra-sound scan and the day she died had told her she was going to buy all the things that the baby needed."

Ferreira had also  moved in to the victim's home on Saturday.

According to police, Ms Da Silva's body was found tied to a tree with barbed wire around her neck, and a cut in her belly where they believe the baby was removed.

The baby is being cared for at the Sao Lucas hospital in Patos de Minas, where she is being treated for a cut to her head believed to be as a result of being cut from her mother's womb.

Angry locals treid to avenge victims death , by attacking the female half of the deranged couple, Angelina Rodrigues, 40

Ms Da Silva is due to be buried today.

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