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Friday, October 12, 2018

Read story of a complete family, that are mad!

This photo of a whole family mentally unstable,  has been making rounds on social media,  the unique of their bond even in madness,  has left a bunch of people speechless. photo taken by a Corp member,  has the below caption attached to it.:

"I really don't know how to start with these story of family with insanity, I was confused, I was shocked, and I was pained.... What must have happened to these family?  For those who knew them at ogoja said the family are always together,speaks good English.... Communicate in a simple understanding English... Buy's the food their eat.. And they don't collect money from people, if they have to collect it's not more than 700, rather the man will ask you to buy something they need at that moment for them. 

These is not my story, those at ogoja will understand these family better than I do but then... It breaks my heart.... Even with insanity they are still one big family😥😥 I hope the government sees these family and help them...."

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