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Monday, October 1, 2018

Read this piece on Child Abuse and your life will never remain the same!!

Children are not just, born to be fed,  and clothed,  children are dynamic, they are treasures,  they are a promising future hidden in pure innocence. 

Still on Child Abuse,  read this short story.:

Note: named used in this short story are completely fictional, if it runs with someone name you know of, it is totally coincidental. 

It's a beautiful sunny morning, Mr Andrew after dressing up for work,  fu ones straight to his dining room to eat breakfast, made by his beautiful wife Amaka,  both have been married, for 5 years,  without an issue. 

Amaka was still in the kitchen directly nest to the dining room,  crying her eyes out.  

Mr Andrew: honey,  what is it this morning that you are crying your eyes out? (while holding her from behind) 

Amaka : why won't God just give us our own children,  why?  Doctor says we are OK,  then why can't I have kids? 

Andrew: we will have to adopt a child  girl preferably,  I have made all arrangements for it,  she is 2 years old. At least we keep her till God bless us with ours. 

Two years later, Amalia gives birth to bouncing boy and girl, then turns her back on little Mirable,  beats her at any slight provocation, starves her, makes her do all house chores,  the 6 year old would cry her self to sleep every other night.  Until she died at age 7.

Sad end right,  well Mrs Andrew grew old,  and her kids never took care of her,  none of them could cool,  or was industrious  in any way,  her husband died four years after Mirable, she suffered till her death at age 69, without her kids attending her burial. 

Well,  things like this happen,  almost everyday around us.  We forget to love other kids, because we feel,  they don't matter,  but ours do. In as much forgetting that,  whatever we do today,  affects us in one way or the other. 

If Mirable, was alive,  she could have cared and loved Amaka, if Amaka had given, all this three kids same treatment, in a good way,  and nice home upbringing, she might have lived till 80 or more. 

Stop maltreating,  others kids,  just because you feel they are not worthy of love,  they could be your, life savers someday. 

Love a child today,  support a child today, do not maltreat a child to death. 

You should speak up when you find a neighbor, maptrearing a child, you could be a benefactor from that child's success tomorrow.. 

Stop Child Abuse today!! 

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