Tuesday, October 16, 2018


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I was born into a beautiful family of six, with two brothers and four females, including me.
We were not rich in wealth but extremely rich in peace and harmony.
Growing up in a peaceful home gave me a hopeful look into the future. 
Years passed, and mummy fell sick.

We tried the hospital several times but it didn't work. We then resorted to God Almighty but that was also delaying. Finally, we sidelined our God aside and resorted to the various shrines.
Mummy got better somehow and we brought her back home. 
Days passed and mummy would sit unmovable at one place from morning till night with her head bowed down.

We did our best to be around her anytime we saw her in that state. 
A month later, my mummy became normal once again but with a different attitude.

She explained to us that, all those weeks, when she was quiet and unmovable, God Almighty was speaking to her. 
She said, God has finally given her a gift of prophecy. 
She said, she could foresee the future.

She really gave us evidence to her claims. 
She began to predict what will happen each day, and indeed, it came to pass.

We got so happy and began to blurb about mummy's new gift. 
God brought this gift upon my family and all we could do was to thank him each day.

Years later, my elder brother who was a banker, got dismissed from his job. He traveled to seek greener pastures outside the country and we have since not heard from him.
My first sister who was a manageress at a renowned company got sacked out of no serious issue and now, she's a renowned drunkard.
My second sister who was a big time business woman is now broke, and only feed on eggs from two fowls she has.
My third sister who got married nine years ago, is still barren, and is living in tears in her marriage with no job nor child to call her own.
My second brother who was a professional upholster with his many apprentices in the city, stopped his career out of no reason, and he's now a smoker.
The head of the family, who is my father, fell from a short height and got his leg broken. He has been battling pain and joblessness since then, and confided to one place, that is his home.

The once happy family became the family of sorrows and mockery. 
We began to fight among ourselves as siblings, thinking we were each other's problem.

Mummy made us understand that, there was witchcraft among us. She made us hate ourselves strongly.
I never gave up on my God. I continuously prayed for the future I once foresaw. I never gave up on the chase for that beautiful future I've always yearned for. 
I prayed tirelessly to regain my peaceful family.

When I became prayerful, I became mummy's worst enemy. She stopped visiting nor calling. 
She began conniving with people to dupe me. 
She began twarting my every effort to be successful.

Mummy was supposed to be a Christian, so why the so much hatred for me being religious? I began to ask questions.
Until finally, God revealed to me and other seers that mummy is not what she claim to be. 
Her gift is not from God. She got it from one of the numerous shrines we took her to, years back. 
That is the reason why she hates me for being prayerful.

She has actually destroyed her beautiful home with the spirit she possess now. 
She's still strong at it, and she is still using her evil gift in churches that are blind.

This is the ugly side of motherhood. A spirit possession to destroy her own home.
I advise my dear reader to be prayerful, and that, a thousand may fall dead beside you, ten thousand all around you, but you will look and see the recompense of the wicked. Psalm 91:7-8.
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